How to watch movies at Fantastic Lund during a pandemic

This year we have both online and physical screenings. Due to these changes all membership fees is  symbolicly included in the tickets prices. We will not have a full festival badge for our physical screenings, this year, as they are all special events and very limited.

All our online screenings will take place at www.spamflix.com

The feature film on Spamflix will have a set premier date and time. From that time the films will be available for 24h.

All short film packages will be available throughout the whole festival from 5pm on the 28th of October.

How to watch movies on SPAMFLIX

Go to www.spamflix.com and create a free profile.

Once you have a profile you can access a film in three different way.

Single ticket/voucher for a specific film – 4 Euros

5-film pass, that gives you access to 5 films during the festival – 16 Euros

Festival pass, that gives access to all online films during the festival – 35 euros

Pre-sales for 5-film package and the full festival pass is now avalible.

Get your 5-film pass here!

Get your full festival pass here!

To watch a film you have to enter the voucher/s provided to you by Spamflix after your purchase if confirmed.

To watch a film with your 5 Film Coupons Film Pack or Festival Pass Film Pack you have to enter the coupons provided to you by Spamflix after your purchase:

– if you’re using the website/browser version, you may find them in your profile – > My Film Packs

– if you’re using the Apps (Android or iOS), simply enter the selected film’s page and click on “Use Film Pack”.

NOTE: The online films will only be avalible in Sweden.

Film passes and tickets will not give access to our physical screenings.

MARYGOROUND and DARKNESS have a limited view number of 200!

PARTICLES has a limit of 10o viewers!

Tickets for physical screenings at Kino Lund

All ticket for screenings at Kino can be bought at their ticket office or through Kinos website when we release the program.

Ticket price for each individual film can be found on the film site, under Programme