The festival is growing and we need more wonderful people who want to help organize and contribute to a fantastic team and community. When you volunteer, you not only strengthen the festival – you also become a part of the fantastic film family.

Internationally, Lund Fantastic Film Festival has a reputation of being one of the most inviting and sociable genre film festivals and it’s our goal to expand that reputation. Now we’re looking for new people who want to join the family.

We offer a variety of activities and the workload and schedule depends entirely on what you want to do. If you’re up for it, there’s work to be done all year, but we need the most people right before and during the festival week. All volunteers get free entrance to the films as long as there are available seats, and are very welcome at our parties and events. Volunteers who work long shifts are treated to dinner at one of our partner restaurants. Apart from that, volunteer work is one of the finest merits you can put on your CV.

But above all, all volunteers are rewarded with tons of gratitude, love and amazing karma – and of course that warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside when you realize that you were a part of making something truly fantastic.

So how can I help, I hear you ask?

Events – Assist in helping with event screenings.

Tickets – The cinema hosts check that everyone has tickets, as well as hand out and collect the voting cards. They have to be present during and after the film – and in the meantime they can step into the theatre and watch the movie if there’s room, or just, you know, have a coffee or something.

Box office – The instructions are fairly straightforward: you sell tickets and merchandise and inform people about the films and the festival. Since you’re often the first person our audience meets from “our side”, it’s important that you’re friendly, outgoing and up-to-date on our program! Smiling is encouraged.

Photographers and SoMe– We are always looking for good photographers who can document the festival in pictures and on social media! BYO camera.




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