The Siren competition

The Siren award is Fantastisk Film Festival’s best feature competition. In 2017 the prize had a little break but now it’s back!

Fantastic film involves more than blood. We love our blood, but – more importantly – we love good stories. Stories that make us feel things, stimulate our imagination, make us think and wonder and dream. Film is one of many media which allows us to do all the above and we want to celebrate the wealth of genre cinema with the Siren award.

The films chosen for the Siren competition have been carefully selected by the feature film programming team. The competition consists of 12 works from all around the world and reflects the many corners and creeks of fantastic film.

This year we are happy to announce the winning film will receive a cash price.

Méliès d’Argent

The Méliès competition is organised by the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) and aims to promote European film and filmmaking.

With some 20 festivals represented, on the European continent as well as supporting members in Asia and North America, and a joint audience of approximately 600.000 spectators, the Méliès International Festivals Federation has become one of the most powerful tools to promote the originality and creativity of the European fantasy film industry.

With the objective of supporting European fantastic cinema artistically and economically, the MIFF has created the Méliès d’argent and the Méliès d’Or Competition for Best European Fantastic Film.

All winners of the Méliès d’Argent will compete for the Méliès d’Or at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival

The Méliès competition is part of the Siren competition, meaning each Méliès nominee is also in the running for the cash prize of 1000 euros.

The Audience Award

This might be the most important award to be given out since it comes from our dear audience. During every screening our audience is asked to rate the film from 1-5 and we then calculate the winner after we have had the final screening of the festival!