27 years ago a group of cinephiles got fed up with bootlegging genre film that never saw the light of day in Sweden. They started a small festival focusing on the horrors in the film world.

The festival has since developed into a festival embracing all sides of the fantastic genre to challenge our audienc’s imagination. We consider everything from “Amélie” to “Human Centipede” as part of the fantastic family, and we love offering a platform for filmmakers to show their work on the big screen!

We believe that fantastic films can tell stories out of the ordinary, creating a space for the audience to explore the life from a different point of view, no matter length, subject, human or vampire. We aim to promote fantastic film productions from all over the world, with a focus on diversity, imagination and storytelling.

Submission deadline: August 20th 2021.

For more information please go to FilmFreeway.

The festival takes place between October 30th and November 5th 2021.