Scandinavian Premiere

Year: 2020
Genre: Fantasy/ Comedy/ Romance
Runtime: 119 min.
Director: Chen Yu-hsun
Screenplay: Chen Yu-hsun
Producer: Yeh Jufeng, Lee Lieh
Cast: Liu Kuan-ting, Patty Lee, Duncan Chou
Language: Chinese (English subtitles)

Post office employee Hsiao-chi (Patty Lee) has always lived a fast-paced life, which also means that sadly, she’s always felt out of sync with the world around her. After years of leading a misfortunate love life she finally meets attractive and attentive personal trainer Wenson (Duncan Chou) who will ask her out on a date for Valentine’s day. However, Hsiao-chi, ready for her exciting date, wakes up on February 15th to find out Valentine’s day has passed and she does not remember at all.

Hsiao-chi begins an investigation which will lead her to the offbeat bus driver played by Liu Kuan-ting, a rare bird who might very well be the key to all of her questions…

Writer-director Chen Yu-hsun’s fifth film since 1994’s Tropical Fish and first film since 2017’s The Village of No Return –  My Missing Valentine is the perfect story to enjoy on that day when you find yourself in need of an infusion of sunny, mysterious romance with a dash of fantasy.