Lund Fantastic Special Award: IN THE SHADOWS


Scandinavian Premiere

Year: 2020
Country: Turkey
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Director: Erdem Tepegoz
Screenplay: Erdem Tepegoz
Producer: Umut Ozcorlu, Figen Ermek Ozcorlu
Cast: Numan Acar, Vedat Erincin, Ahmet Melih Yilmaz, Muharrem Bayrak
Language: Turkish (English s

Welcome to this beautifully portrayed Turkish dystopia directed by Erdem Tepegoz, where a large community of people break their backs day in and day out for an entity which does not care about them yet keeps them at bay through a powerful and omnipresent surveillance system.  A subject which will ring true to many.

Out of nowhere, our protagonist laborer becomes ill and he begins to search and question the machine he is working for. What he will discover is possibly darker and harder to face than anything he was readying himself to challenge.
Are we all pieces of a well oiled machinery moving through life with blinders on? Can you free someone who never learned to think for themselves from their own systematic and institutionalized beliefs?

This terrific piece packed with talent, superb performances and fine cinematography, opens up another space for us to reflect on our own reality and keeps alive the classic conversations and questions on the meaning of life and our purpose on this earth.  Make sure to stay tuned and join this introspective journey into the darkness.