Lund Fantastic Special Award: CROSS THE LINE


Swedish Premiere

Year: 2020
Country: Spain
Genre: Thriller/ Action
Runtime: 96 min.
Director: David Victori
Screenplay: Jordi Vallejo, David Victori, Clara Viola
Producer: Carlos Fernandez, Laura Fernandez
Cast: Mario Casas, Milena Smit, Elisabeth Larena
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)

Is it a crime to be humble, helpful and trust in people you meet? In the best of worlds, the obvious answer is “no, of course not”. But for Dani, who is just trying to be nice to a girl without money, by paying for her meal, the answer is far from straightforward.

Dani was about to go on a solo trip around the world. Instead he finds himself involved in mortal and nocturnal urban travels that leave him fighting for, and proving, his innocence.