Lund Fantastic Special Award: CODE NAME: NAGASAKI


Year: 2021
Country: Norway
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 70 min.
Director: Fredrik S. Hana
Screenplay: Fredrik S. Hana, Marius Lunde
Producer: Gunhild Oddsen
Production company: GOfilm
Cast: Marius Lunde, Fredrik S. Hana, Uma Feed
Language: English, Japanese, Norwegian (English subtitles)

Nagasaki shares an imaginative take on an unlikely story that’s pulled from real life. Co-written by Fredrik Hana and Marius Lunde, it stars both as a pair of filmmaking friends who embark on a quest to find Marius’ Japanese mother who gave him up for adoption.

Grand-Jury-Prize-winning documentary of this year’s Slamdance Film Festival is unafraid to experiment with the stereotypical yet persistent perception of the documentary format as something that’s largely factual and therefore inherently realistic. Upending expectations left and right, Fredrik Hana’s feature debut embraces a multitude of genre influences and styles. It mixes detective noir with (internal) demon slaying and seamlessly alternates between live- action and animation to portray the protagonist’s quest, which is as much an external search for a maternal figure as it is an inward exploration that navigates his true self.

CODE NAME: Nagasaki is an inventive, self-reflexive documentary that places its hybrid genre approach in the service of a poignant story of multicultural identity and belonging.