Welcome to GA for Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020

We welcome your to the yearly GA for Lund Fantastic Film festival 2020 on June 23rd at 19.30 on Zoom. All members are welcome to join the meeting. If you wish to participate please sign up via this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yLz7FnH9wONhumta8bIdpNkEA-WVqvge-sApwf5tfQg/edit?usp=sharing You will get the link for the meeting 15 min. before we start.

We are now open for submissions!

Maritte receives flowers från Thilo.

2020 is ending – 2021 is looking at you!

Audience Award Winners 2020

Announcement of the 2021 Méliès d’argent winners at Lund Fantastic Film Festival

We are happy to present the 2021 winners of the Méliès d’argent in Lund.  The films were selected by jury, Jakob Åsell, Johanna Holmin och Hussain Currimbhoy.    The Méliès d’argent short film goes to: HUNGRY JOE, United Kingdom, Directed by Paul Nicholas Holbrook, Sam Dawe Motivation: Powerful claustrophobia delivered with sharp cinematography and incisive […]