Anna Lönn Franko

Anna Lönn Franko is a director, performance artist, screenwriter and film educator, based in Malmö. She has made multiple short – and documentary films, that has been shown on film festivals and in art galleries around Sweden. Her work as educator brings her right to the centre of young people’s imagination, where she guides them how to use film as a medium of expression. Anna is also an outspoken advocate for the woman’s role in society and the film industry and through her work within WIFT (Women in Film and Television), she is promoting and working towards equality within the media industry as part of her fight for women’s rights she is currently working on her feature film project “Mellanrumsfruar” together with artist Lisa Fjellman.

Inga Ross

Inga Ross is a special effects artist from Germany. She has been working with special effects for almost 10 years and was part of the team behind last year Méliès d’argent winner Snowflake. Inga has worked on several big productions, for both tv and film, including the remake of Suspiria, the Nextflix show Dark and the Swedish film Border. Working with special effects Inga knows the importance of well-executed effects, and how these help to contribute to the believableness of what we as the spectator experience on the big screen.

Henrik Henziger

Malmö based Henrik Henziger has a broad spectrum of knowledge in regards to film. Since graduating from Madrids official film school, he has made quite the name for himself working as first assistant director on the famous Danish/Swedish tv-series The Bridge and on the Spanish comedy/drama Lo más importante de la vida es no haber muerto, aswell as the Swedish tv-series Wallander where he worked as a second assistant director, to name only a few productions of many. He is definitely not a stranger when it comes to the genre of the fantastic. In 2014 he released his drama/sci-fi short film When Tears Have Fallen, which premiered in Los Angeles to travel the world and win several prizes, taking home the title ”Best Short film” at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2015.