Alexander Behrang Keshtkar

Alexander is an Iranian born actor living in Denmark. He has attended acting classes at the William Espers Studio in NY and Ivana Chubbuck Studio in LA. Alexander is somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to acting and you may not recognize him at first, when seeing him on the big screen. Two excellent examples of this, is his roles in the Danish/Swedish produced crime series, The Bridge, and Ole Bornedal’ latest feature, Small Town Killers. Alexander’s talent and diverse roles, transforming from one end of the spectrum to the other, is without a doubt a talent to be reckoned.

Jonna Vanhatalo

Jonna Vanhatalo is a freelance film critic and journalist based in Stockholm Sweden. Jonna is no stranger to spending hours in the darks, watching films, with a critical eye. She has since 2012 worked for Moviezine, swedens biggest online magazine for film news and reviews, but has always had a big interest for films. When she was 10 she rented Jaws for the first time and a lifelong relationship with film was fuelled. Jonna not only knows her way around words on paper, when she’s not busy writing, she interviews high profile actors and directors during international festivals, and makes mini interviews and content for her social media account Fag and the Hag, which she runs together with Erik Dalström.

Benjamin Zadig

Benjamin is a Swedish cinematographer and camera assistant, based in Malmö. Benjamin got his MA in media, art and production from University of Technology, Sydney. He has been working in the film industry for more than 10 years, with a focus on cinematography and has assisted on critically acclaimed films, such as The Square and Border. Benjamin also has experience in editing and colour grading, with an eye for detail and the narrative of a story. Except for his cinematic work, Benjamin is a major comic book fan who visits the Science fiction bookstore in Malmö on a regular basis and make sure to add every adaptation of comic book to his film collection.