Presented in cooperation with BoostHBG

October 2nd, 13.00-18.00

October 3rd, 13.00-20.00

Location: Mejeriet, Blackboxen (Stora Södergatan 64, Lund)

Great genre storytelling happens across all formats and platforms. This year we want to highlight local and international creators who are using new technologies to bring their stories to life. We have transformed the blackbox theatre at Mejeriet into a space where you can dive into wonderland, go on a terrifying midnight march and much more.

Admission to the Innovation Hub is free and you will be able to sign up for the experiences on site each day. When you sign up please make sure you are at the right station a couple minutes before your allotted time, as we will give slots away to standbys if you are late. We hope this will allow as many people as possible to experience the different stories with minimal delays.

Projects in the hub:

Dinner Party

Dinner Party is a 3D virtual reality experience based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill, an interracial couple who in 1961 reported the first nationally known UFO abduction. It’s the pilot episode for The Incident, an anthology series that takes viewers on an immersive and intimate journey through true-life supernatural events.

When the Hills were not able to remember and reconcile the details of an inexplicable event, they sought hypnosis. At a dinner party they played their recorded hypnoses to their friends, these tapes reveal the separate and radically different accounts that they have of their abduction. This VR film allows viewers to experience what the Hills experienced, taking advantage of the medium to its fullest.

Dinner Party is created and written by Charlotte Stoudt (Homeland) and Laura Wexler (Fire in a Canebrake: The Last Mass Lynching in America) and directed by Angel Manuel Soto (Bashir’s Dream, La Granja). It was workshopped at the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab

Campfire Creepers

Master of horror Alexandre Aja, in partnership with Oculus, Future Lighthouse, and  acclaimed genre studio Dark Corner, presents Campfire Creepers, a live action horror anthology series starring legendary horror icon Robert Englund.

This original VR series invites viewers to join the fire circle at a summer camp called Camp Coyote, as a group of kids take turns telling scary stories. Inspired by cult classics like Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, Campfire Creepers is one of the most ambitious live action virtual reality projects to date.

We will be screening the two Campfire Creepers shorts: Skull of Sam and Midnight March at FFF 2018.

Skull of Sam

The campers huddle around the fire and listen to the story of Sam, who used to be a counselor at Camp Coyote. She was out with her boyfriend in the forest when they disappeared and rumour has it that they fell victim to a sinister old man who hunts in the forest. This short film exhibits one of the best uses of VR as a form to date and is sure to chill the viewer to the bone.

Midnight March

Summer camp can be either a great adventure or a terrible chore. In this short film it’s the ladder. A camp leader takes the campers on a punishing midnight march but there are horrors lurking in the forest ready to devour them all.

Alice in VR

Alice in VR – Fall down the rabbit hole as Alice in Wonderland!  One of the world’s most read stories feels like a natural match for VR. Grab and drink from the bottle and become tiny, eat the cake and become huge!

In this mini-adventure Alice meets the waterpipe smoking caterpillar, a cosy turtle, singing carrots and jumping frogs. Travel down underground, experience adventure and listen to chatter from the Cheshire Cat and strange cabbage heads alike. Teleport around the White Rabbit’s warren, grab books and explore the corners.

Estimated playtime of 10-15 minutes. The gameplay consists of light interactions (simple grab mechanics, teleportation, growing & shrinking, and a long fall down the rabbit hole). Experience vignettes directly from and inspired by the original story. Made in Sweden.

Åsa Egnér is a VR-designer that works at Stenkrossen in Lund. She has been working with VR since 2014 and is also working as a minister and a theatre director. Alice in VR is made together with colleagues at Stenkrossen, VR-rummet in Lund; Carolina Ask, Alexander Cobleigh and Joar Löfberg.

A Most Curious Murder

How far would you go to acquit yourself of murder? As you walk through the dark corridors of the police station, you start thinking this might not have been such a good idea after all, but there is no turning back now. You need to figure out a way to access the computers, the computers that your friend is convinced houses the surveillance videos from the night of the murder. But is that enough? Your intuition tells you that there must be items from the murder scene somewhere in the police station that the police has somehow overlooked. Can you help the police solve the murder? And more importantly, who are you willing to sacrifice to walk free?

A Most Curious Murder is a fully interactive mobile VR detective game where you must gain access to a police station to solve a murder case by finding evidence and watching surveillance video. By searching for evidence in the police station and taking screenshots of interesting events and suspicious activities in the videos, you can put together the pieces of the puzzle as evidence and then gradually unfold the activities leading up to the murder. The game has an innovative locomotion system and is best played standing as you move around in the police station by walking on the spot.

About the creators:

Impact Unified developed and published the game. We love games. Our mission is to make engaging board games, mobile games, VR games and interactive documentaries. UNLTD – An innovative virtual and augmented reality production studio was involved when we filmed the 360 videos for the game.