FFF Kids

September 30th

Location: Mejeriet, (Stora Södergatan 64, Lund)

Time: 12.00-16.00

This year we have a whole day dedicated to our younger audience, and those who are young at heart. In cooperation with BUFF Filmfestival we are presenting a short film package full of animated creatures and the feature film The Seen and Unseen, both screened at Södran at Mejeriet. And just across the courtyard in Mejeriet’s blackbox theatre the organisation Återskapa will host one of their celebrated workshops – this time giving all participants a chance to build their own fantastical version of Lund and a personalised character to bring home! Want to add a troll bridge to the city? Maybe a hangout for the local vampires? Now’s your chance!

Workshop with Återskapa: 12.00-16.00
Short film screening: 13.00
Feature film screening: 16.00