Welcome to GA for Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020

We welcome your to the yearly GA for Lund Fantastic Film festival 2020 on June 23rd at 19.30 on Zoom.

All members are welcome to join the meeting.

If you wish to participate please sign up via this link:


You will get the link for the meeting 15 min. before we start.

We are now open for submissions!

Maritte receives flowers från Thilo.

2020 is ending – 2021 is looking at you!

Audience Award Winners 2020

The results are finally in and it is with great pleasure we present to you the winners of the 2020 Audience Awards

The Audience Award for best short film goes to Tony Morales’ Abracitos, Spain. Abracitos was part of our halloween special and had the audience jumping to the very end. 

The Audience award for best feature goes to Woman of the Photographs, by Takeshi Kushida, Japan. It is with great joy to see this independent feature debut take the audience award at Fantastic Lund 2020, even from cyberspace.

This years audience award will be a in support of Kino Lund, both films will get a chair at Kino, so if Tony Morales and Takeshi Kushida ways ever leads them to Lund, they will be able to find a chair in our local cinema, dedicated to the the audience with their film title.

Announcement of the 2021 Méliès d’argent winners at Lund Fantastic Film Festival

We are happy to present the 2021 winners of the Méliès d’argent in Lund.  The films were selected by jury, Jakob Åsell, Johanna Holmin och Hussain Currimbhoy. 


The Méliès d’argent short film goes to: HUNGRY JOE, United Kingdom, Directed by Paul Nicholas Holbrook, Sam Dawe

Motivation: Powerful claustrophobia delivered with sharp cinematography and incisive sound design.  Explores the shame of not loving your own child – while managing to  be both genuinely disgusting and a nightmarish vision delivered almost like a greek tragedy. Amazing interpretation of both the horrors of parenthood, post partum depression and consumer society.

Special mention: MIGRANTS, France, Directed by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise

Motivation: A very well crafted mark against the migration politics in Europe. Especially vital use of imagery, reminding us of a drowned boy washed up on Europe’s shores recently. Gorgeous animation combines huge themes of  climate change and migration, bringing them to life through the perspective of a cub.  We honor this film for its  near flawless storytelling and committed  sense of style.

The Méliès d’argent feature film goes to: TEDDY, France, directed by Ludovic Boukherma & Zoran Boukherma

Motivation: Playful interpretation on the well loved werewolf genre, this brings charming  quirkiness to tell a coming of age story in a precise and compelling way.  We honor this special kind of weirdness that addresses the dilemma of ‘not belonging’ in a film that represents the arrival of an  inventive and talented filmmaker.

Special mention: MARYGOROUND, Poland, directed by Daria Woszek

Motivation: We loved this inventive and courageous  portrait of a woman who breaks free of what binds her, be it the ever watching eyes of christianity or patriarchy or even herself and her own suppressed sexuality. Such an Imaginative take on taboos like menopause and loneliness. A timely portrait, especially considering the current social climate of Poland.

Conratulations to the winners!

COVID-19 update

Following the press conference yesterday from Region Skåne, we unfortunately had to cancel the physical screenings of PARTICLES and JUMBO at Skissernas museum. We are currently investigating if it will be possible to move PARTICLES to SPAMFLIX and luckily you can already watch JUMBO at CINEASTERNA.

As of now, our physical screenings at kino will not be affected. 

How to watch movies online

Fantastic Lund is proud to partner with SPAMLIX to host online screenings for our  2020 edition.

Throughout the 28th of October to the 1st of November stream 9 films and 36 short films spread over 5 Shorts packages. Each film will be available for viewing for the 24 hours after its premiere time, while the Shorts packages will be online throughout the entire duration of the festival.

All content will only be available in Sweden and have English dialogue or English subtitles.


Each film and Short package on Spamflix can be bought individually for 4€ or you can acquire a 5 Films Pass for 16€ or the Full Festival Pass (with 18 coupons) for 35€. You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card.

Each pass will come with single several use codes to unlock the films/shorts packages. If you’re using a computer, you need to go to My Film Packs on your profile, and copy a coupon code to the “Use your coupon” box in the film pages.

On the mobile Apps you can go directly to the film you want and press that you want to use the Film Pack / Festival Pass. You don’t need to copy/paste codes!


All Lund content can be watched on our website, iOSAndroid and Android TV apps or cast to your Apple TV and Chromecast.

Due to recent changes, the iOS app no longer allows purchases. However, you can rent a film or purchase a the Pass on our website and then watch the contents on your iOS device.

View the full online programme here

GA economic closing of year 2018 + 2019

We are happy to invite you for our economic closing of the year 2019 and 2019. The meeting will take place in cyberspace on October 14th between 19.00-20.00 and is for all members of the festival.

To participate please sign up with your name and email, by sending the information to: thilo.zimmermann.tz@gmail.com

Sign-up no later than October 13th.

A French Treat at Skissernas Museum

We are happy to present a little package of french goodies with Zoé Wittocks JUMBO and Blaise Harrison PARTICLES, which will be screened in the beautiful surroundings at Skissernas Museum in Lund. Skissernas Museum is a unique art museum that focuses on the artistic creative process. It features the world’s largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory work for Swedish and international public art. These are our first two titles of our physical program, which will be presented during this year festival days in Lund.

A little teaser for JUMBO

Zoé Wittock colourful debut, JUMBO, brims with energy and brings us a unique take on the classic coming-of-age story through a sweet universe where Jeanne, played by the wonderful Noémie Merlant (Portrait of a Lady on Fire), feels her desires awakened in a way her mother will always struggle to understand. The universality of the story and the great directorial decisions make Jumbo an unmissable treat.

A little teaser for PARTICLES

Blaise Harrison’s debut is an unsolvable head-scratcher, but the elusiveness of its mystery is part of its sensorial beauty. The mood-driven score contributes to an uncanny vibe that ever so gradually seeps into the pores of this strange coming-of-age story. Particles will keep you second guessing the fabric of its reality.




Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020 Reveals Poster and Announces Hybrid Edition

Artist: Thea Arnman

At age 26, Lund Fantastic shows no signs of slowing down and is proud to go through with its 2020 edition (October 28 – November 1), even if the current state of the world brings changes to the usual format.  

For its 26th edition, Lund Fantastic chooses to host the majority of its screenings online. For the second year in a row, the festival partners with Spamflix – a VOD platform with a focus on cult content – to support the online segment of the festival. Alongside the virtual segment, the festival will host a select few physical screenings, in Lund, during the 5-day festival.  

Statement by festival director, Maritte Sørensen:

“We acknowledge what is happening in the world and the film industry and do our best to adapt in the best possible way, with the means that we have. Worst case scenario for us would be to cancel our festival due to a second wave of Covid-19 and we have therefore made the decision to implement a hybrid model for the festival 2020. Our physical screenings are of course only possible if things don’t get worse, but by having an online segment, we ensure we can present a line-up for our audience, no matter what.”

In addition to announcing its hybrid format, Lund Fantastic is also excited to share the poster of this year’s edition, designed by local artist Thea Arnman. The festival’s constant development and the analog origin of film serve as major inspirations for the 2020 poster.

Arnman’s art tends to incorporate different media and moves between the borders of beauty, the horrific and the grotesque. A closer look at her work can be found on instagram (@cryztalduzzt).


På sitt 26:e år är det fortfarande full fart på Lund Fantastic Filmfestival som med stolthet kan presentera eventet 2020 (28 oktober till 1 november), som såklart är anpassat efter den aktuella världssituationen. 

I årets upplaga kommer Lund Fantastic primärt presentera online visningar. För andra året i rad samarbetar festivalen med Spamflix, en VOD plattform med fokus på kultfilmer, till festivalens visningar online. Under festivalens fem dagar hålls det därtill utvalda visningar på plats i Lund.

Uttalande från festivaldirektör Maritte Sørensen:

“Vi är medvetna om och respekterar den situation världen och filmindustrin befinner sig i och vi försöker att anpassa oss utifrån våra förmågor. Vi har valt att införa årets hybridmodell för att vara säkra på att kunna genomföra festivalen, också om COVID-19 skulle få en andra våg. Våra fysiska visningar är såklart endast möjliga att genomföra om det fortfarande anses vara okej med denna typen av sammankomster under tiden för festivalen. Genom att erbjuda visningar online kan vi under alla möjliga situationer säkra oss en fantastisk filmupplevelse för vår publik.”

Förutom årets nya hybridformat kan Lund Fantastic också stolt presentera årets affisch, som är designad av den lokala konstnären Thea Arnman. Arnman är nitton år och studera konstvetenskap samt gör illustratörsuppdrag, bland annat för “The Nosleep Podcast”. Hon har länge följt festivalen och har ett stort filmintresse som präglar hennes kreativitet. Affischen för år 2020 är inspirerad av festivalens konstanta utveckling men också av filmens analoga ursprung. Arnmans konst använder sig av olika typer av media och rör sig runt gränserna av skönhet, skräck och det groteska. En närmare blick på hennes verk finns på Instagram: (@cryztalduzzt).