A French Treat at Skissernas Museum

We are happy to present a little package of french goodies with Zoé Wittocks JUMBO and Blaise Harrison PARTICLES, which will be screened in the beautiful surroundings at Skissernas Museum in Lund. Skissernas Museum is a unique art museum that focuses on the artistic creative process. It features the world’s largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory work for Swedish and international public art. These are our first two titles of our physical program, which will be presented during this year festival days in Lund.

A little teaser for JUMBO

Zoé Wittock colourful debut, JUMBO, brims with energy and brings us a unique take on the classic coming-of-age story through a sweet universe where Jeanne, played by the wonderful Noémie Merlant (Portrait of a Lady on Fire), feels her desires awakened in a way her mother will always struggle to understand. The universality of the story and the great directorial decisions make Jumbo an unmissable treat.

A little teaser for PARTICLES

Blaise Harrison’s debut is an unsolvable head-scratcher, but the elusiveness of its mystery is part of its sensorial beauty. The mood-driven score contributes to an uncanny vibe that ever so gradually seeps into the pores of this strange coming-of-age story. Particles will keep you second guessing the fabric of its reality.