As Lund Fantastic approaches its 25th anniversary edition (September 27 – October 5, 2019), the festival has a few surprises in store for Swedish genre fans, including a brand-new poster (designed by Anders Hvass).

Before the main event will welcome 20 new feature films, 2 quarter-century oldies, 5 short film packages as well as retrospective screenings of some of the festival’s most popular shorts from previous editions, Lund Fantastic reaffirms its two-fold focus by continuing to promote the genre filmmakers of tomorrow while also celebrating time-honored classics with two special events, detailed below.

Nerd culture on Tour – Skåne

Over the course of the fall, Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF) and Fantastic Film Festival will visit four cities in Skåne County (Osby, Lund, Trelleborg and Ystad) to host a unique event that explores one of the many facets of nerd culture. ABF has started a national initiative with focus on nerd culture to promote a growing network in esports, cosplay and the fantastic. Together, ABF and Fantastic Film Festival have partnered up with Anna Arnman, a lecturer of Malmö university, who will offer her insight into Clive Barker’s iconic Hellraiser (1987).

Arnman’s lecture is based on her dissertation on Hellraiser. Themes such as the body, gender, sexuality, family and evil will be discussed. The film’s Cenobites, unique monsters that are both repulsive and attractive, will be explored in depth before being compared to other archetypal horror figures such as Frankenstein’s monster and Count Dracula. Finally, the film’s approach to pain and suffering as well as its conscious and distinctive aesthetics are analyzed. 

The tour has pit stops in:

– Osby Borgen (September 12 – 6 pm) – Lecture and screening of Hellraiser

– Lund Stadsbibliotek (September 20 – 6 pm) – Lecture

– Trelleborgs Museum (October 30 – 6 pm) – Lecture and screening of Hellraiser

– Ystad bibliotek (November 21 – 6 pm) – Lecture

Nordisk Panorama X Fantastisk Film Festival 

Fantastic Film Festival is equally thrilled to partner with Nordisk Panorama to present a special short film program during the 30th anniversary of their film festival. The event will take place during their festival days and focus on genre shorts produced in the Nordic countries. Nordisk Panorama program release August 27.