Join us for a fantastic evening at Mejeriet with the screening of Park Hoon-jung supernatrual action thriller The Witch. Part one: The Subversion

Don’t let the clunky English title fool you: The Witch. Part 1: The Subversion is just the fix adrenaline junkies need. Writer-director Park Hoon-jung (whose screenplay credits include Kim Jee-woon’s I Saw the Devil) delivers a riveting riff on Universal Soldier, but with sassy teens, superior acting and some of the year’s most bone-shattering action choreography.

Before the screening, we invite you to join for our closing mingle at Mejeriet, where you can have a beer and talk about all the fantastic films you have seen during the festival.

At 8pm we will start our award ceremony and make our way to the official closing film of the festival.

After the screening you are welcome to hang around at Mejeriet that will keep their doors open til 00.00.

Events of the evening:

7pm-8pm: Mingle

8pm-8.30pm: Award ceremony

8.30pm-10.35pm: Screening

10.35pm-00.00: After party

Get your ticket here:

(The ticket gives access to both mingle and screening)