The Unstoppable Spoonkiller Short Films of Richard Gale


In 2008, the three-time Los Angeles Area Emmy Award winning writer and director, Richard Gale created the horror comedy short The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. The film was showcased at more than 70 film festivals, received numerous awards (including the Audience Award for Best Short Film here at LIFFF) and was selected by Variety as one of the “highlights of the Sitges Film Festival.” After its festival run, Horribly Slow Murderer launched... Read More



After his mother’s painful death to cancer, Evan abandons life in the US, gets on a flight to Italy and drifts aimlessly among hostels and backpackers. In a sleepy coastal town, he meets Louise, a young woman whose unfathomable nature he cannot even begin to comprehend. That’s all I’ll tell you. There are those films you simply shouldn’t know much about before watching, films that want to make you lose your footing, get you lost in something new and unknown. Also, nothing that... Read More



Pascal Laugiers Martyrs from 2008 really was the piece de resistance of the wave of extreme horror that came out of France in the last decade. Laugier took something that was already at 10 and cranked it up to 12. Seven years later it’s now time for the US remake produced by Blumhouse Pictures (Paranormal Activity, Sinister) and directed by the Goetz brothers. And the question is: will they be able to top Laugiers Tour de force? Lucie, haunted by her experiences as a captive... Read More

Knock Knock


Eli Roth, who needs no introduction, gives his banded “torture porn” a dark, comedic twist and lets it move home to Los Angeles. This time, his victims are not tourists, but Keanu Reeves as a devoted dad and husband and successful architect who is subjected to what at first seems like a pleasant kind of home invasion. When his family goes to the beach over the weekend, Evan stays at home. During a rainstorm, two young women knock on his door. Against better judgement, Evan... Read More



Black and death metal is, as we all know, evil music. Corpse paint, five inch spikes, upside down crosses. Hail Satan, et cetera. A perfectly provocative way for outcast kids to thrust their feelings and aggressions against the mundanity of suburbia. Unless, that is, they happen upon The Black Hymn, a musical incantation summoning The Blind One and transforming the neighborhood vanilla population into blood spewing demons. First time feature director Jason Lei Howden, who calls... Read More

The Dark Below


Maybe you, just as I, hold a special place in your most visceral fear for being trapped under ice. It is a pooling of panic, hopelessness and draining cold. In icy water you have mere minutes. For each second you feel your body growing numb while your hands hit the ice again and again. The Dark Below lets us face that nightmare, turned into experimental survival horror. It begins with a woman being overpowered and drugged. She gets dressed in scuba-gear and dragged out onto the... Read More

Ash vs the Evil Dead


Ash is back! The hero from the cult film Evil Dead may be old and tired, but his chainsaw isn’t. The horror comedy of the fall, from Starz, premieres during Halloween. In the 80s, childhood friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell created the low-budget film Evil Dead, where Raimi directed and Campbell as the monster fighter Ash. The film became an unexpected success, shown in Cannes and praised by Stephen King. Now it’s time for the comic spin-off Ash vs Evil Dead, where our... Read More



Kids can really be such small monsters. In a film written by Ian Brennan (Glee) and Leigh Whannell (the Saw and Insidious films) you should expect that to be taken literally. Elijah Wood plays Clint, a substitute teacher who experiences an exceptionally bad first day at work. Not only would he much rather stay home to work on his novel about a demon possessed boat, the kids he is teaching are disinterested in learning and the teaching staff are, to put it mildly, disinterested in... Read More

Last Girl Standing


Time after time we have seen her get away, as the lone brave survivor of the most unthinkable attacks, monsters, psychopaths and misunderstood men in hockey masks. The final girl, she with unforeseen amount of strength, who when push comes to shove is the only one who knows how to fight the enemy. But what happens after the asshat is eliminated and the credits have rolled? How will she ever return to a normal life? Benjamin R. Moody’s feature film debut centers on Camyrn, the... Read More



Breathtaking insect mutation straight down a monstrous spiral of darkness, outrageously well-made icky and sticky stuff, peerless craftsmanship on the department of practical special effects and a reputation of being responsible for several people vomiting at the genre film festival Fantasia. Now, does not that sound like a delight? Just before Casey is about to have the dubious pleasure of marrying her fiancé Jared she and her friends go on a bachelorette trip to a paradise... Read More