Never corner a baker… Jens (Mikkel Vadsholdt) has accepted far too much for too long. Being the shy night-owl he is, he keeps to himself, but the world will not let him be. The new master baker’s quality starts slackening, and when a bunch of yobs one day smash the window of Jens’s car, he takes one of them out. Intoxicated by his own new unexpressed vigour, Jens comes out of his shell, but the destructive driving force leads him towards a free fall. A film that... Read More



Sometimes things happen when you least expect it! The program was set, the screening times were set and it was just the fine details left, or so I thought. Then a festival friend contacted me with a tip about a movie and because she usually has a good taste, I gave it a chance and oh by, am I happy that I did! That movie was this, the German Snowflake or Schneeflökchen as it’s called in it’s original language! The most fucked up German fairytale since the Brothers... Read More



Christmas came early this year! For this year’s closing ceremony, we will have both at short and a feature film. We start with the short film Krampus, by Christof Pils. As tradition dictates two guys in southern Germany visits families and play Saint Nicholas and Krampus. Krampus is the one who, according to legend, punishes those children who have been bad. In this version, the legend has a kernel of truth. However, exactly how things are is not relevant until the end. But... Read More

Top Knot Detective


What do you get if you take one part Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson’s mockumentary about a New Zealand film pioneer), one part Sion Sono and a whole lot of sake? Well then you get Top Knot Detective, a wonderfully entertaining mockumentary about a forgotten Japanese Samurai TV series! In the early 90s, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective series hit Australia where it quickly became a cult hit. In Japan it was called ‘Ronin Suiri Tentai’ (Deductive Reasoning... Read More

Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children


The teenage rebel mouse Dinky survived the devastating industrial accident on the island several years earlier – but is this really a life worth living? The post-apocalyptic existence is lined with darkness, death, uncomprehending parents, depression, glue-sniffing thug rats, drugs, psychosis and demons and Dinky has had enough. It is time to leave this godforsaken gravesite for an island. But she refuses to leave the mute outsider Birdboy behind. Psychonauts, The Forgotten... Read More

Dearest Sister


One of this year’s most intriguing films is directed by Lao’s only horror film director, actually the country’s only female director in general, Mattie Do. Nok, a young woman from the impoverished rural areas moves to the city to accompany and support her cousin Ana who has suddenly suffered a loss of vision. Ana lives a posh upper class life with her European husband and their servants in a fancy home. Ana may be blind but it doesn’t take long before Nok realizes... Read More



The Mo Brothers who gave us Macabre and Killers team up with Iko Uwais from The Raid movies in this balls to the walls action fest that once again proves that Indonesia knows where it’s at when it comes to action. Uwais plays Ishmael, a young man who wakes up with amnesia in a hospital where he is taken care of by Dr. Rika. It’s not long until men from his past shows up, hell bent on making sure he doesn’t get his memory back, and they will stop at nothing to... Read More



Locally produced scifi – how often do we get the chance to serve this delicacy at LIFFF? We are so very proud to finally be able to do that with Origin in our program. This locally produced sci-fi movie twirl us into a story about nothing less than bio-hacking and is Andreas Climent and André Hedetofts’ debut feature. When Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower and are about to break new ground they find out that... Read More

Ghost Rockets


UFO-evening! In connection with our screening of the delightful Man Underground we offer you a special screening of the highly acclaimed and refreshingly nuanced documentary Ghost Rockets! One of the directors and a member of UFO Sweden will attend the screening. For several years, the Malmö-based duet Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker has been following members from UFO Sweden in their search for the truth. Most often, the unexplained phenomena they get calls, tips and... Read More



Louise and Kasper live a privileged hippie life in their remote sanctuary somewhere in the Danish wilderness, with no Snapchat or running water. Louise is recovering from an illness and there is something missing to complete the picture of the perfect life. A child. When the Romanian maid Elena moves in, Louise takes the opportunity to ask if she would be willing to carry the couple’s child. For a proper amount of money, of course. Elena says yes, reluctantly but still.... Read More