Into the Forest


8-year-old Tom and his 11-year-old brother Benjamin have barely met their dad since their parents divorced several years ago. The boys live in France with their mother but now they’re about to spend their summer with their estranged father who has moved to Stockholm. Tom is nervous and reluctant, something that does not feel right and the feeling will not leave him alone. The man who says he is their father behaves strangely and Tom sees terrifying visions. Suddenly, their dad... Read More

Asura Girl


17 years have passed since the now cult classic anime Blood: The Last Vampire had its premiere, and during those years, the story about the demon hunting vampire named Saya has given rise to a huge number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs. In 2002 the adventures of Saya continued in a manga adaption, followed an anime spin-off series in 2005 named Blood+ and another named Blood-C in 2011. The Blood-universe has been expanded even further through literary novels, video games and... Read More

Villmark Asylum


Norway has for the last deacade been one of the most prominent Scandinavian countries when it comes to horror. Movies like Dead Snow 1 and 2, Next Door, Troll Hunter, Thale and the first Villmark movie has been successes all over the world. Now Pål Øie brings you the free standing sequel to Villmark and once again Norway brings it! A team of contract workers have been given the task of measuring the amount of hazardous waste in an old sanatorium set for demolition, located in... Read More

German Angst


This is just as the title aludes a dose of german fucking angst served over three movies in this anthology film that also brings us the return of the king of german punk horror. Yes! Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit is back! Along with Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski he gives us three hardcore movies that pulls no punches; this is 112 minutes of sex, violence, love and death. In the first movie, Final Girl we meet a woman and her guinea pigs in her apartment. Everything... Read More

Liza, the Fox Fairy


In this story we meet Liza, a nurse with a affinity for Japanese culture and pop music from the 60’s. After having spent most of her adult life with only a widow in need of care and the ghost of a Japanese pop star for company Liza gets a new goal in life. She wants to find a partner. A goal that seems difficult enough to attain under ordinary circumstances, but is nearly impossible when you seem to be cursed to cause all potential companions to die a horrible death. This begs... Read More

Love & Peace


Warning! This film contains music which will cause extreme humming-along! Ryoichi wanted to be a punk singer. Instead, he is forced into the soul-crushing life of a bullied office-rat. He is in love with Yuko, a like-absentminded colleague he lack the confidence to speak to. To calm his loneliness, Ryoichi adopts a turtle he names Pikadon, which he accidentally and with great anguish flushes after an incident at work. Pikadon is found by an old man who makes animals and toys speak... Read More



It’s with great pleasure that we will present the European premiere of Christian Hallman’s Sensoria. Hallman has been a big part of LIFFF and the European festival community for years and now makes his feature film debut with this atmospheric ghost story written by another old LIFFFer; Måns FG Thunberg. Caroline has lost everything and in search of a new beginning, she moves into an old apartment. But she soon realises that everything is not what it seems, her more or less... Read More



It is easy to make the argument that with films such as Irréversible and Enter the Void, Gaspar Noé is the enfant terrible, par excellence of the 2000’s. His personal appearance, which resembles Anton LaVey channeling a 70’s porn star, does nothing to hide his cinematic intentions. So it should come as a surprise to no one that Noé’s first feature in six years made the audience at the premiere in Cannes lose their proverbial shit, and had fights breaking out during its... Read More

Mars et Avril

Mars et Avril 2

Without enough money, it was all about love and time, said director Martin Villeneuve recently on the TED stage where he talked about how he made a visually stunning sci-fi on a shoestring budget. A Czech-Canadian sci-fi in French might feel like something rather odd. And you’re right, the Montreal-based director’s invitation to his future hometown doesn’t resemble much you’ve seen before. Based on his graphic novels March et Avril is a retro-designed neo noir where... Read More


Main Publicity_Hn.indd

Directed by Reema Kagti, this is not your average traditional Bollywood film. There are no lavish song and dance numbers here, no colorful dresses to feast your eyes upon, instead Talaash is an Indian neo-noir mystery thriller which takes place in a visually dirty and corrupt Mumbai. The film starts out with the mysterious death of Armaan Kapoor, a famous Bollywood actor. Inspector Sing (played by Aamir Khan, who also produces the film), is in charge of the case, which takes... Read More