Locally produced scifi – how often do we get the chance to serve this delicacy at LIFFF? We are so very proud to finally be able to do that with Origin in our program. This locally produced sci-fi movie twirl us into a story about nothing less than bio-hacking and is Andreas Climent and André Hedetofts’ debut feature. When Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower and are about to break new ground they find out that... Read More

Ghost Rockets


UFO-evening! In connection with our screening of the delightful Man Underground we offer you a special screening of the highly acclaimed and refreshingly nuanced documentary Ghost Rockets! One of the directors and a member of UFO Sweden will attend the screening. For several years, the Malmö-based duet Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker has been following members from UFO Sweden in their search for the truth. Most often, the unexplained phenomena they get calls, tips and... Read More

Från Djupet av Mitt Hjärta

Från Djupet av Mitt Hjärta

Four teenagers are fatefully thrown into a veritable hell in this ambient and sometimes truly poetic Swedish genre drama. The film is deeply rooted in southern Sweden – it was largely filmed on location in the dramatic environment of Söderåsen National Park and already in 2010, we screened a pilot of the film here at LIFFF, and last year, a short version was screened as part of our Work in Progress series. This year it’s back – and finally complete. From the Depth... Read More

LFO: The Movie


Something as unusual as a  stylish, intelligent, funny and well-made Swedish science fiction movie, made in our own emotionally cool and minimalistically raw way. A pretty dull and very lonely middle aged man discovers that he can hypnotize and control other people by using a very specific mix of sound frequencies. Burning with scientific fervour, he sets about testing the technique using his new neighbours as unexpecting guinea pigs. It’s not long before he takes it too... Read More

Faust 2.0


A Swedish horror anthology consisting of five stories about five individuals who are on different paths in life – a journalist looking for a scoop, a writer waiting for inspiration, a representative of the arms industry on the search for safety, a family man who thinks he’s available and a single girl with a sense for loneliness and revenge. All of them need a push in the right direction, and they get it through an app. Without knowing what they are signing up for, they... Read More