Deep Blue Sea in a pool


Deep underneath the surface in a secret underwater laboratory a group of scientists, led by Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgård, try to find a cure for Alzheimers. Why in an underwater laboratory? Where else would they keep their genetically modified sharks? To enhance their results they enlarge the sharks brains, not knowing they’ve also enhanced their intelligence, and their thirst for human flesh. When the sharks decide to escape and break their cages the underwater laboratory... Read More

47 Meters Down


The oceans finest villain is back! And as usual, it’s looking for blood. Human blood! The shark does not stop fascinating and terrorizing us – perhaps more in our phobias and movies than in reality, but still, the horror is realer than real. After a tough break-up, Lisa (Mandy More) travels to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to lick her wounds and forget her sorrows. Once in the holiday paradise, they meet with two fancy and adventurous locals (Yani Gellman... Read More

Into the Forest


8-year-old Tom and his 11-year-old brother Benjamin have barely met their dad since their parents divorced several years ago. The boys live in France with their mother but now they’re about to spend their summer with their estranged father who has moved to Stockholm. Tom is nervous and reluctant, something that does not feel right and the feeling will not leave him alone. The man who says he is their father behaves strangely and Tom sees terrifying visions. Suddenly, their dad... Read More

Death on Scenic Drive


A young woman named Larissa is about take care of a house for a couple of days, in the middle of nowhere. In the calm before the storm and the fierce silence surrounding the place, a mysterious discomfort creeps closer and closer. Strange sounds, dead birds and unexplained events are just the beginning. Soon something has taken over Larissa, something bloodthirsty and brutal and the future for the few people in her immediate vicinity, quickly changes to look very, very dark. Very,... Read More



The year is 1929 and a group of botanist students go out on a two month expedition in the american wilderness, but when they arrive at their camp they discover that the professor thay were supposed to meet as mysteriously vanished and that their provisions have been destroyed. The students don’t let the odd circumstances scare them and they decide to continue the research without supervision, putting their faith in their hunting rifles and fishing gear to provide them with food.... Read More



When his DJ career doesn’t pan out as he would have thought, Phil has to find another way to make a living. Before he knows it he gets hired by a local telemarketing company. It doesn’t take long before he realises why it was to easy for him to get the job, the company seems to hire just about anyone! His colleagues consists of lunatics, junkies, killes and ex-criminals. In a line of business already notorious for its lack of morality, Phil does everything he can not to get... Read More



The best zom-rom-com of all time. Should it be so hard to put together financing, a reasonably competent team, sensible producers and somewhat credible actors for the best-ever romantic zombie comedy? The simple answer is: yes. Catherine Sweeney is unfortunately forced to learn this the hard and bloody way. Financiers tell her that she desperately needs a talking dog in the script for the film to work, men wonder why she, as a woman is dealing with horror in the first place and... Read More

Kidspack: Tim & Leon + short film package


Tim and Leon are two brothers living a happy life as pancake sellers, working, eating, playing and sleeping. One day Tim’s secret admirer, Pauline, shows up. Pauline has travelled around the world and she turns the brothers’ lives up side down. Tim’s not ready for a relationship and Leon starts sleepwalking, so Pauline decides to leave them. After a while she gets in touch and invites the brothers to her travels, which turn out to be quite an adventure. Viktor Rauer ... Read More

Nina Forever


Most of us have been in situation where an ex has been running around one’s mind and disturbed a new relationship. The emotional luggage we carry around can haunt us in the most unpleasant ways. However, what were to happen if a dead ex would physically manifest itself as a ghost and participate in your new relationship during your sexy time. Luckily, this is not something most people experience, yet this is exactly what happens in Nina Forever, where Nina, who died in an... Read More

The Unstoppable Spoonkiller Short Films of Richard Gale


In 2008, the three-time Los Angeles Area Emmy Award winning writer and director, Richard Gale created the horror comedy short The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. The film was showcased at more than 70 film festivals, received numerous awards (including the Audience Award for Best Short Film here at LIFFF) and was selected by Variety as one of the “highlights of the Sitges Film Festival.” After its festival run, Horribly Slow Murderer launched... Read More