Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis


Everyones panty fitted favorite superhero is back in a new adventure! All of you who remember the celebrated screening of the first Hentai Kamen a couple of years ago, know what you have to expect. For the rest of you, imagine a nice pervert Peter Parker that chases panty thieves and crooks. And this time he meets his greatest enemy so far! Kyosuke Shikijo is trying to find a healthy balance between his new life as an ordinary college student and his secret life as a superhero... Read More

Joshî zu


What would you do if you were lifted from your life, whatever it is right now, and told you are now part of a five person superhero team destined to fight the evil monsters bent on destroying our planet? Yes, that’s a long question to ponder. Add to that you are recruited based on whatever color your name might suggest. Your name is Rose? Here’s a red suit. You’re now called Red. Yuichii Fukuda (HK: Forbidden Superhero, Kids Police) returns to the festival with another awkwardly... Read More

HK: Forbidden Superhero


Kyosuke Shikijo is a daydreamer who even gets bullied by his own mother (a dominatrix) for being such a wimp. But when danger comes to town, something unexpected happens: his genes get activated, and Kyosuke turns into Hentai Kamen – The Masked Pervert. With worn panties on his head, fishnet stockings, his tighty whities pulled up over his shoulders Borat-style and posing like Sailor Moon, Hentai Kamen comes to the rescue. With a bunch of dirty tricks in his back pocket (figuratively... Read More