You can’t have LIFFF without our beloved, deranged and downright insane Japanese favorites that make up the Sushi Typhoon label. At least not in my mind! This time we unleash Helldriver upon you! An alien zombie epidemic has brought Japan to its knees, bringing the dead back as antler sprouting crazies and turning parts of the country into dangerous wastelands. To fight this evil the Japanese government turns to high school girl Kika who, armed with her trusty chain-sword, sets... Read More

Mutant Girls Squad

If you are anything like me and love both the Marvel-comics as well as japanese craziness like The Machine Girl and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, then you have also wondered what would happen if a crazy Japanese filmmaker got to do a version of X-Men. Now we no longer have to wonder! In Mutant Girl Squad we meet Rin, a seemingly normal Japanese teenager, who’s life drastically changes on her 16th birthday as her mutant gene kicks in! Her arm transforms into a razor sharp... Read More