Love & Peace


Warning! This film contains music which will cause extreme humming-along! Ryoichi wanted to be a punk singer. Instead, he is forced into the soul-crushing life of a bullied office-rat. He is in love with Yuko, a like-absentminded colleague he lack the confidence to speak to. To calm his loneliness, Ryoichi adopts a turtle he names Pikadon, which he accidentally and with great anguish flushes after an incident at work. Pikadon is found by an old man who makes animals and toys speak... Read More

Why don’t you play in hell?


Fuck Bombers is an amateur film crew on the verge of splitting after a decade of passionately bad action pastiches. They are drawn into a yakuza war when boss Muto searches for a role for his stormy teen daughter Mitsuko, who as a kid made her name with a famed toothpaste commercial. Absolute craziness ensues, in terms of both plot och style. Shion Sono’s latest has been dubbed a Japanese Kill Bill. If that makes you go watch it, good. But this is another beast entirely.... Read More