Keiko is a young aspiring chef tutored in the restaurant of her father. Besides the arts of sushi making, hard labour and martial arts are both important parts of the curriculum. But Keiko embarrasses herself and runs away to start working as a simple waitress at an inn. One night, the inn is visited by important guests. Sushi is served all around, but to Keikos surprise, it’s bad sushi! Things are put to the edge as an old bum outside the inn is abused and taunted... Read More


If you’ve ever wanted to see a Japanese temple transform into a giant robot and start tearing down a city, Godzilla style, then this is the film for you! In Noburu Iguchi’s Robogeisha we follow two sisters who are rivals. The older one works as a geisha while the other cleans and helps her sister. When a business man discovers the younger sister’s athletic abilities he wants to turn her into a geisha, and not just any geisha, but Robogeisha! Both sisters are turned into... Read More

Mutant Girls Squad

If you are anything like me and love both the Marvel-comics as well as japanese craziness like The Machine Girl and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, then you have also wondered what would happen if a crazy Japanese filmmaker got to do a version of X-Men. Now we no longer have to wonder! In Mutant Girl Squad we meet Rin, a seemingly normal Japanese teenager, who’s life drastically changes on her 16th birthday as her mutant gene kicks in! Her arm transforms into a razor sharp... Read More