V/H/S Viral


The V/H/S series leads us into the seedy lairs of voyeurs, collectors of snuff, sex tapes and videos of bizarre occult events. It was probably only a matter of time before this material found it’s way onto the internet. Not exactly the kind of fame the teenagers trying to film a violent car chase through Los Angeles imagined for themselves. The mockumentary style of found footage films lends itself well to punk aesthetics and producer Brad Miska knows to manage the underground... Read More

Open Windows


Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey are unwilling pawns in this innovative voyeur thriller that serves as a much-needed comment on the media and surveillance society. Nick is sultry, shameless celebrity Jill Goddard’s biggest fan, and enters a contest hoping to win a dinner with her. Nick wins, but is denied his prize. But he is then contacted by a person going by the name Chord, who gives Nick the exclusive opportunity to spy on Jill through both surveillance cameras and her own... Read More