Tales of Halloween


Two neighbors get in a fight to the death over who has the best Halloween decorations; A woman is stalked by a ghost who cuts out the eyes of her victims; A genetically modified killer pumping on the run, roams the streets. These are a few of the ten terrors which haunt a sleepy suburbia during the year’s most supernatural holiday. This hell-broth is created by Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate) in order to summon some of the wickedest and smartest today’s indie directors. Among others Lucky... Read More

The woman

A beautiful house on the countryside, a seemingly faultless man and his idyllic family – does it seem to be alarming? It is. At least in already controversial The Woman. When Christoper Cleek finds a feral woman in the woods nearby, he does what he considers to be the most suitable for the situation: he captures her and locks her in a cellar. Because he and his family are going to do the right thing, they’re going to turn the beast into a decent woman. But where is the line... Read More