After his mother’s painful death to cancer, Evan abandons life in the US, gets on a flight to Italy and drifts aimlessly among hostels and backpackers. In a sleepy coastal town, he meets Louise, a young woman whose unfathomable nature he cannot even begin to comprehend. That’s all I’ll tell you. There are those films you simply shouldn’t know much about before watching, films that want to make you lose your footing, get you lost in something new and unknown. Also, nothing that... Read More

V/H/S Viral


The V/H/S series leads us into the seedy lairs of voyeurs, collectors of snuff, sex tapes and videos of bizarre occult events. It was probably only a matter of time before this material found it’s way onto the internet. Not exactly the kind of fame the teenagers trying to film a violent car chase through Los Angeles imagined for themselves. The mockumentary style of found footage films lends itself well to punk aesthetics and producer Brad Miska knows to manage the underground... Read More



What started as a little snowball in the outskirts of L.A. has rolled its way through the film landscape and collected fans at well-established festivals like Tribeca and Fantasia. Now, it’s finally northern Europe’s turn to get a piece of the smart little indie production that’s quickly turning into an avalanche. With one foot in mumblecore and one in classical mysteries, the creators have made something completely new. A detective story for the slacker... Read More