Cold in July

Cold in July

Indie wunderkind Jim Mickle (zombie slasher Stake Land; cannibal thriller We Are What We Are), returns to Lund for the third time in four years with his stylistically and thematically most mature film to date. Cold in July is an ironic, blood-drenched Texas noir which conjures up Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, via the Coen-brothers’ Blood Simple, to Ford’s The Searchers. Based on a novel by cult author Joe R Landsdale (perhaps best known for Bubba Ho-Tep), the film... Read More

We Are What We Are

we are what we are

LIFFF-favorite Jim Mickle have previously shown us a Manhattan infested with rat-zombies in Mulberry Street and brought us on a raw and mesmerizing vampire trip through Stake Land. Now, he invites us into a cultish American home where a secret family recipe is served, preferably along with some fava beans and a nice chianti. We Are What We Are paints a horrifying yet engaging portrait of an introverted family whose two teenage daughters hold dreams of being just like everyone... Read More

Stake Land

Vampire hunter Mister and his apprentice Martin are travelling north through a shattered U.S.A. infested with vampires, hoping to find a haven in a place called New Eden in Canada. They keep to the country roads, as the cities are too dangerous to enter. During their journey, they are confronted not only with vampires, but also with groups of survivors, such as the radical Brotherhood. Stake Land is something of a reinvention of the vampire film genre. Here, vampires are not like... Read More