There had been ghosts and witches, German expressionism and giant apes, mutated grasshoppers and mad scientists and mysterious murderers. And then, then came Night of the Living Dead! Even though the word zombie is never mentioned in the film, that was the moment when the undead awoke for real and invaded modern horror cinema. With a tiny budget and little equipment, George A. Romero created his feature debut, the result being equal parts his breakthrough, a middle finger... Read More


Martin is a troubled young man with a dark secret: He kills people and drinks their blood. Martin has been sent away to live with an elderly relative in a small town in Pennsylvania. The relative is determined to try to destroy his body and save his soul in order to break the family curse. But is Martin truly a supernatural being, an 84-year-old vampire, or just a shy, blood-drinking serial killer? Does magic really exist? With Martin, George A. Romero succeeds in creating... Read More