Animated shorts: Animated, but not for the kids


A selection of animated shorts containing: Malgrin Debotté – The Boy with the Magic Moles Robotherapy The Eye of the Storm Martyrdom of Old Saint Nick Conte Oriental Graveland Josephine Junk Girl 14 Anna    Read More

It’s Alive


Drip Drop Regi: Jonna Nilsson Manus och producent: Fredrik Myrtell En kvinna kommer hem efter en joggingtur och upptäcker att det inte längre finns något vatten i kranarna. Istället hörs ett fasansfullt muller från vattenrören. Sedan börjar det droppa. Produceras av Way Creative Films i samproduktion med Film i Skåne/Hanna Sohlberg. Jonna Nilsson har varit deltagare i programmet Pure Fiction samt utvecklar långfilmen Andra sidan helvetettillsammans med Way Creative... Read More

Short films package 2

Coming of Age A dystopian image of the future where we meet a boy and a girl. When they get robbed of the girls medicine the boy has to fight to get it back. He wounds up in a situation where he has to grow up fast to survive. Directed by Ben Goodger Friends of Flies A tale about a lonely boy who is in love with a girl. His only friends are flies and he dreams of becoming one himself, and achieve world domination. One day the dream shall come true, but things don’t turn out... Read More

Short films package 1

Brutal relax Mr. Olivares has some anger management problems, and goes on a relaxing vacation by the beach. When bloodthirsty zombies unexpectedly arise from the ocean Olivares anger management problems can come to his advantage. Directed by: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz Lovebirds All is well in the bird nest until love is tested and fate comes knocking. Love Birds is a humorous love story that reflects the similarities between bird and human life. It’s a celebration... Read More

Shortfilms: Focus on SKåne

This years festival will put a special focus on fantastic shorts from Skåne. The films will be presented in their own Shortfilms package. A paneldiscussion about fantastic filmmaking in the region will follow the screening. The following films will be screened: The Behemoth A pharmacist arrives to a town were her services aren’t needed since everyone are so damn well. She solves that “problem” by envoking an entity, a thing, that makes everyone having... Read More