Shortfilms session 2

The following films make up Shortfilms session 2: Abuela Grilo: Grandma Crickets songs brings rain to the fields. But one day she lingers too long and the locals chase her away. She instead heads for the city, but falls into the hands of evil businessmen. Choreomania: A virus takes over Glasgow. The contaminated gets terrible dancing and extremly bad sense of groove. Hector and other survivors try to escape the dancing hoards of zombies to the last refuge. Clean Carousel: A man... Read More

Shortfilms session 1

The following shorts make up Shortfims session 1: BZZZ: Imagine the fun with surveillance cameras, to be able to spy and see what people are doing. Also, imagine if you could give a weak electric charge to the people in front of you on the monitor. Elk Hair Caddis: Poor frog, all he wanted was to flee his tadpoles, to booze and mope by the river. He couldn’t know his neighbour the bear meant go fly fishing. Disaster is impending, and they seem not to be alone… Hollow Bulging... Read More