A notorious cult kidnaps a young girl, and sacrifice themselves by the light of the locust moon. The next morning the girl awakes, caked in dried blood and surrounded by corpses…but safe – or so she thinks. Years later, the locust moon is about to rise again and the girl is captured once more by a surviving member of the cult. She is taken to a remote cabin where she learns that a demon has been growing inside of her all these years, and before the dawn it will rise.  Read More



Breathtaking insect mutation straight down a monstrous spiral of darkness, outrageously well-made icky and sticky stuff, peerless craftsmanship on the department of practical special effects and a reputation of being responsible for several people vomiting at the genre film festival Fantasia. Now, does not that sound like a delight? Just before Casey is about to have the dubious pleasure of marrying her fiancé Jared she and her friends go on a bachelorette trip to a paradise... Read More