Love Eternal

love eternal

Only 26 years old, the recluse Ian has already lost both his parents. He is now completely alone and obsessed with death – the only thing he can really relate to. So he decides to take his own life. But as Ian sits there in a beautiful, snowy forest, ready to gas himself to death, he witnesses a mass suicide. He drops the sleeping pills and for some reason decides to bring one of the corpses, a young woman dressed as an indie popper, home. He sleeps next to her body and... Read More


Paul is 38 years old. He has long hair and glasses, works as a photographer for one of Dublin’s biggest newspapers and has no friends. He is, in short, a nerd. He often goes to visit his old father at the nursing home, where he flirts carefully with the attractive nurse Michelle. Then one day a brutal, random attack from two youngsters ruins it all: Paul’s view of himself, of his work and of the world around him. After a time of constant paranoia and panic attacks, he decides... Read More