SCI-FI: In the Gap


A woman wakes up in a room full of servers. She desperately tries to escape it when a virtual voice addresses her and informs her that she has to make a choice. A choice she contemplates as she explores the room and the memories that manifest within it. Will she find the answers she seek and will she make the right choice before the time is up? Text: Gustav Angel  Read More



Lindsey and Jeff Pittman are on their way home from a New Year’s party. Their marriage is frosty, the atmosphere is tense and the darkness lies like a damp blanket over the roads. Suddenly a man appears on the road in front of them and the disaster is a fact before they have barely blinked. They have run him over. Properly. And what follows is a staggering spiral into the darkest corners of the human mind and life as more clusters, truths and dark secrets come up into the... Read More

47 Meters Down


The oceans finest villain is back! And as usual, it’s looking for blood. Human blood! The shark does not stop fascinating and terrorizing us – perhaps more in our phobias and movies than in reality, but still, the horror is realer than real. After a tough break-up, Lisa (Mandy More) travels to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to lick her wounds and forget her sorrows. Once in the holiday paradise, they meet with two fancy and adventurous locals (Yani Gellman... Read More

THE TRIPLE: Hard Way – The Action Musical


Action and violence are mixed with musical numbers in this crazy movie with a touch of humor. Jake works in a SWAT team in the police force of Detroit. He takes initiative, but is reckless. They fight a criminal gang called The Children, led by a woman called The Mother. During an operation to save a senator, Jake chooses to save the politician instead of his friend Zach. When Jack leaves the building Zach is left behind and we hear a gunshot. Eight months later there is a mission... Read More

ANIMATED: Ambassadors of the Cosmos


Animation based on a true story. Well.. Two stray dogs who has befriended each other get caught and taken to a strange plant. There they are both tested and taken care of and then sent up in rocket to orbit the Earth. They are however discovered by two aliens who steer their vessel there to invite them. Dogs are dogs and the rendezvous goes accordingly. Text: Benny Lange  Read More

SCI-FI: Eldritch Code


An IT-guy by the named Gus sees a security warning from the server. Probably this is because Samantha is downloading suspicious files, again. A virus is spreading quickly in the network. Gus is struggling to keep the virus under control. However, this is not an ordinary virus, but carries a cosmic secret. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More

SCI-FI: Near Kepler


On board a shuttle we follow Job. He hasn’t been home to Earth in a long time. His only company is the artificial intelligence Deborah. An accident happens along the way. Deborah insists that everything is under control, despite failing temperature controls and glitching screens. Soon Job suspects that Deborah is misleading him about the serious nature of the situation. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More

THE TRIPLE: Sound from the Deep


A research vessel navigates itself around the arctic ice in the search of gas sources on the bottom of the sea. The crew, consisting of seamen and scientists, forces the vessel further and further out in their search, led by a scientist with a mysterious faith in the mission. Meanwhile another scientist is plagued by eerie dreams. What exactly is awaiting them in the arctic depths? Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

ANIMATED: Short but Sweet


The title says it all. Here you really have to keep on your toes not to miss anything, because everything is on highest speed when a hero, a princess, a dragon and everything else that takes place in a classic saga shall be crammed into a two minute film. Our ciceron in this animated gem is the magician who also needs to hurry our hero in order for him to get the job done. Text: Benny Lange  Read More



A woman is preparing the funeral for her husband which hasn’t died yet. But she does it with great care so everyhting shall be perfect. It is important that everything goes according to plan since it is important to give a good impression to all the guests. But as you might expect things never really goes according to plan. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More