The Open


The beauty of LIFFF is that we get the chance to show you the truly unique films, the one’s you would not have seen at the movies otherwise. Marc Lahore’s The Open is undoubtedly one of those. How else would you describe a film about a tennis tournament set during the apocalypse without a ball, without a net and without the strings. André and Stephanie is lives for tennis, it’s their life and even though the world is burning around them they stick to their dream... Read More

Religion/supernatural: Roadside Assistance


A young stranded women is standing by a distant road. A man drives by and of course gives a lift to this sexy girl. She says, with flirtatious look in her eyes, that it will be worth it. While driving there appears to be a sound coming from the trunk. It’s the man’s golf clubs making noise, he claims. Soon, things take an unexpected turn.  Read More

Animerat: Conte Oriental


In an oriental town, a man is enjoying his morning when a little thief runs off with the man’s cell phone. He hides in a beautiful, empty palace to play games on the phone. But the phone owner catches up, and a hunt begins inside the palace, revealing the many secrets it hides. Conte Oriental (French for eastern tale) is a highly detailed, beautiful and charming animated movie.  Read More

Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children


The teenage rebel mouse Dinky survived the devastating industrial accident on the island several years earlier – but is this really a life worth living? The post-apocalyptic existence is lined with darkness, death, uncomprehending parents, depression, glue-sniffing thug rats, drugs, psychosis and demons and Dinky has had enough. It is time to leave this godforsaken gravesite for an island. But she refuses to leave the mute outsider Birdboy behind. Psychonauts, The Forgotten... Read More

An Evening with Christina Lindberg/Anita


Thursday night will be dedicated entirely to a tribute to one of the most legendary and interesting actresses in Swedish film, Christina Lindberg. During the sixties and seventies, Christina Lindberg was one of Sweden’s most famous people. She was a pin-up girl who also made a career as an actor and got to participate in some twenty films. Almost all of her films where completely panned, some were also considered so violent that they were banned outright, others fell by... Read More

Animerat: Robotherapy


Everybody that has been in a relationship knows how hard it can be when you’re not getting along. Then imagine a situation where you are married and have a whole life together and the fights start to become a bit more frantic. Since you still love your partner you wouldn´t just give it all up in a whim, you’ll probably start to go to a couples therapy session! But this time it’s between two married robots, a popcorn-robot and a soda-vending-machine-robot.  Read More

Swedish shorts: The Tale About The Witch The Farmhand And The Soldier


During the age of the witch burnings, a woman is about to be executed for being intimate with the devil. When a soldier is transporting her, his horse gets frightened and runs off. The soldier is forced to continue on foot and takes the woman to a farmhouse. The master is gone, but there is a farmhand. The farmhand agrees to show the way. However, he refuses to believe that “the little girl” is a witch.  Read More

Horror: Knock Knock!


A woman is about to hang an antique mirror, and knocks on the wall to see if it’s suited to hang the it. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. She doesn’t see anyone outside, but there is a little box on her doorstep. She takes it inside and suddenly she hears knocking from different places in her home. The film builds tension by subtle hints, rather than immediately showing something scary in the frame. They have also put much effort into the sound.  Read More

Horror: First Date


A couple is out on a Tinder Date which does not go so well. They have different interests and the don’t seem to listen to each other. The girl wants to go home but they accidentally hits a man with the car. They decide to hide him. During their mission to hide the body the date seems to continue in a unexpectedly good way.  Read More

Méliès: Voltaire


Voltaire is an old weathercock of old copper on and old rundown road chapel in the countryside. He´s insecure and not at all satisfied with his life there, at the horizon he sees a marvellous golden weathercock on top of a magnificent Cathedral. Oh what he wishes he could be the one on that pole all shiny and beautiful. One night when the storm is roaming the sky our poor little weathercock gets struck by lightning and fall to the ground. He then decides to go to the Cathedral... Read More