MÉLIÈS – Uróboros, eternal return


A weird stop-motion animated film with cogwheels, glowing eye sockets, a big long-legged death spider and the inside of a human being. And it’s about the eternal life cycle also known as Ouroboros  Read More

Why don’t you play in hell?


Fuck Bombers is an amateur film crew on the verge of splitting after a decade of passionately bad action pastiches. They are drawn into a yakuza war when boss Muto searches for a role for his stormy teen daughter Mitsuko, who as a kid made her name with a famed toothpaste commercial. Absolute craziness ensues, in terms of both plot och style. Shion Sono’s latest has been dubbed a Japanese Kill Bill. If that makes you go watch it, good. But this is another beast entirely.... Read More

These final hours

These Final Hours

It’s not too often a movie leaves seasoned film programmers nailed to their seats unable to move as the credits roll, but that’s what happened to three of us after the screening of These Final Hours in Berlin earlier this year. There are 12 hours left of the Earth and we get to experience them through James, a man all set to get to the party to end all parties – but fate and a little girl named Rose get in the way. With this simple premise, Zak Hilditch constructs a violent,... Read More

BED1 – I play dead


Two kids with gasmasks play with dolls in an abandoned warehouse. By moving the dolls, they are the masters of a macabre but elegant dance in this strange thriller. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More

BED2 – Breathe

2014_BREATHE_shot2 (1)

Two men are in an abandoned building. One of them tells a story about a female ghost who can only be seen if you hold your breath. The other man hesitates, but stops breathing and keeps his eyes open. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 2.  Read More

SHORT FILMS – Metube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’

Expect the unexpected, because August is about to sit by the kitchen table and sing Habanerain front of his webcam. You’rein for a treat in this homage to all of YouTube’s self-promotersout there. This short film is screened together with Sharknado 2.  Read More

1001 – Simple


”I just want sex!” says Tanja to Benjamin. So does Benjamin but she wants to have sex with someone else. This is how this short animated film starts out, and it shows how complicated sex can be. Part of the short film package 1000 and 1 nights.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Mienin


Three weeks ago we received the news that shook the world. Today’s date has been imprinted in everyone’s minds. We follow M, a calm, older gentleman who observes the chaos in the world in the hours before… Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More

SPACE – Memory reloaded


In a distant future, gifted people’s minds have replaced computers as storage for human knowledge in the Dome of World Archives. Nichmon, has made the unusual decision to try to leave the dome. Part of the short film package Spacetime stories.  Read More

BED1 – Timothy


The babysitter thinks the little boy should stop watching the kids show with the colorful rabbit Timothy. Something she might soon regret when the real-life Timothy pays them a visit. Part of the short film package Bedtime stories 1.  Read More