Short: Memorium


In this story inspired by the works of the French artist Marc Giai-Miniet we follow a man on his journey into the afterlife. He dies in a hospital and wakes up on a small boat.  Read More

Short: The Girl With The Mechanical Maiden


An inventor and his wife dies and leaves their only child in the hands of an invention. The Mechanical Maiden.  Read More

Short: White Darkness


An amazing zombie film with biblical distinctive marks: a man has by mistake been made into a zombie by his friends abd walk around in a white suite and for one who knows his/her bible there will be an “ahh experience” at ever new situation he gets into.  Read More

Short: Domestic Tale


A man who has some marital problems goes to a flat on display but that doesn’t end normally, he can’t leave it. He just can’t know that all is to help him with his domestic problems.  Read More

Short: The Life of Death


Death lives in the lively green forest, but there’s a dilemma. Everything death touches dies. And now Death meets Life, and they become best friends. Will this last?  Read More

Short: Sssh!


To not to be able to die perhaps sounds nice but it can have disadvantages. Olivia cannot die and it makes her a sought after pray for “The Corporation” that wants to make use of this her talent but she escapes and a game of cat and mouse starts.  Read More

Short: Death of a Shadow


Stuck in a limbo between life and death the deceased World War I soldier Nathan collects shadows of people in the moment of death to regain a second chance at life and love. He will, however, discover something that changes everything.  Read More

Short: M.O.


An elderly lady is feeling alone when her husband has passed away. She’s now looking for a new one, and what isn’t better than a robot IKEA style?  Read More

Short: Horizon


Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.  Read More

Short: Death Chase


We all know the story: a man is set out for revenge of the loved one who has died and he will not quit until he has succeeded. But here are elements that turn the hunt into a legend.  Read More