Short: The Good Company


A man kills his wife just before their dinner guests shall arrive. The dinner becomes very odd because the man has developed an enormous appetite from the murder and also become very touchy.  Read More

You’re Next


When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back. Adam Wingard’s You’re Next is truly one of the absolute best horror films of the last few years. It grabs hold of you from the start and doesn’t let go for 94 minutes of a thrilling, hellbent, crazy ass f%#& rollercoaster ride! This is one hell of a ride and a film... Read More



We rarely get to see an Indian film that is more than manic Bollywood-musical or hack gangster flick. If only for that reason, it is fantastic that we can screen Shalini Usha Nair’s debute feature, a stilistic and suggestive psycho-thriller with its roots in Indian mythology and modernity alike. Srinivas, a young, successfull achitect, is disfigured after a car crash. Shortly thereafter, his girlfriend leaves him and he sinks into a pit of self contempt. He meets ... Read More



The most intense battle scene in cinema history is said to be the first act of Saving Private Ryan. One who does not agree, is South Korean director Kang Je-kyu, who in 2004 rewrote the book with his acclaimed Brotherhood of War, stating “anything they can do, we can do better.” Now it is time again, with Je-kyu’s new film being so epic it is rumoured to be the most expensive non-American production of all time. During the Japansese annexation of Korea,... Read More



The fact that room 205 has been uninhabited for over a year doesn’t much bother Katrin when she moves into the student dorm. She is finally free from home and her overprotective father. As the semester has just started, the most important things are to go to lectures and meet new people. Following her being somewhat careless with her medication, strange things start happening. Katrin finds out that the girl who previously lived in room 205 suddenly left and mysteriously... Read More



You’re working as a cook in an asylum in the middle of nowhere, Washington. It’s 1989 and you’re tired after a late gig with your band. Thick glass separates you and your friends in the kitchen from the inmates, who are, thankfully, sedated. It’s not pleasant, but there are guards there to protect you, should anything go wrong. Outside, you hear thunder. The last thing you see before the power goes, is some of the inmates spitting their pills out.... Read More



The two cutest little hitwomen you’ve seen take an ”easy job” so they can afford pretty new dresses. Ecquipped with carpenter pants, lollipops and guns, Violet and Daisy ride their red tricycle to the vic’s apartment. A quick in-and-out? You bet your little hiney it isn’t. Via a cookie baking James Gandolfini (The Sopranos), a gang of meanies and secrets by the gumdrop, things get complicated. Things aren’t as peachy as they seem in this lovely,... Read More



You will howl with laughter at this spanish horror/comedy werewolf flick! This fantastic film is a tribute to old school classics like An American Werewolf in London, following the director’s thought that monsters should be monsters – not sex objects. Tomas, a young novelist with writer’s block, decides to go out to his old childhood home, where he hasn’t been since he was a kid. He has great expectations that his book will basically write itself once... Read More


In 1993, a film reel with a colour version of Georges Méliès groundbreaking silent science fiction film A Trip to the Moon from 1902 was discovered. Previous versions of the film have been black and white and of poor quality. The bad condition of the reel signalled the beginning of an international project, with new technologically advanced methods, in a desperate attempt to save the content and recreate the film. After 12 years, by which time it had become history’s... Read More


Remember, it’s not about the killing. It’s about family! Evil Count Draculon is taking over the world with his demon army. A small group of rebels is still standing up to him, but they’re falling, one by one. After a devastating battle, one wounded is saved to a life as a cyborg. With a motley crew he takes the fight in true Mortal Kombat style – complete with weird special effects and the sound perfectly out of sync (and tune). Manborg is a tribute to old... Read More