Intergalactic races, fascist generals, colourful personalities and pure rock ‘n’ roll. The veteran animator, Takeshi Koike, storms in with his feature film debut, ‘Redline’, a film which develops the particular interpretation of classic anime, which he demonstrated in his contribution to the collectively animated ‘The Animatrix’. We follow JP, a young outsider who sports an Elvis haircut and wears tight leather clothing who indirectly... Read More

Enter the Void

Gaspar Noé’s latest and long-awaited film is literally a cinematic out-of-body experience: a hallucinatory, neon-coloured cerebral death trip through Tokyo’s underworld and nightclubs, seen exclusively through the eyes of a young, American small-time pusher, who – to top it all off – dies half an hour into the film. Oscar and his sister Linda share an apartment in Tokyo, where she works as a stripper, and he makes a living selling dope. The latest... Read More


Australia continues to be one of the most interesting countries when it comes to genre films. Last year we had a whole section of the festival dedicated to it and this year we are once again showing several films from the land Down Under. One of the films is Josh Reed’s film Primal, in which we follow a group of friends who have followed anthropology student Dace into the outback. They are searching for a legendary, 12 000 year old, rock painting that has only been seen by... Read More


The year is 2267. The earth is finally uninhabitable after years of environmental destruction and the majority of human kind lives in giant space stations. Many dream of visiting the paradise planet Rhea. A dream unreachable for most as it takes a long and very expensive journey. Dr. Laura Palmer is one of these dreamers and to save up for the trip to reunite with her sister, she takes a job on a cargo freighter. After a long journey the crew wakes up from their hyper sleep and... Read More


Uwe Boll takes us on a socially critical tour-de-force that shakes, moves and provokes the audience. Not what one expects of the director, who is mostly renowned for his adaptations of various video games, such as House of the Dead and BloodRayne. Billy has had enough. He is tired of his meaningless existence, his job, his friends and life in general so he decides to change his situation. How? He heads into town with an automatic weapon and starts to shoot people down. A strong... Read More


Nuno is a hot dog vendor at a small and insignificant little hot dog cart but deep down he is an incurable inventor. He has proudly created a contraption which will revolutionize the world’s shoe industry. The unrivalled gadget is…(drum roll, please) a foot scanner! Is one part of your foot feeling uncomfortable while another feels great when trying on shoes? Well Nuno’s invention will help rid the problems of shoe testing. The only problem is getting his invention sold,... Read More


If you’ve ever wanted to see a Japanese temple transform into a giant robot and start tearing down a city, Godzilla style, then this is the film for you! In Noburu Iguchi’s Robogeisha we follow two sisters who are rivals. The older one works as a geisha while the other cleans and helps her sister. When a business man discovers the younger sister’s athletic abilities he wants to turn her into a geisha, and not just any geisha, but Robogeisha! Both sisters are turned into... Read More


What do you get if you take part of a skateboard film, a piece of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a slice of The Warriors and mix it with a scoop of surrealism, a bit of consumer criticism, a tea spoon of Kubrick and a bottle of Wes Anderson? The answer is, the little wonder that is…Machotaildrop! In a world where skateboarding is the finest art form and the pros live in baroque castles, young Walter Rhum dreams of the highest honour; to be part of Machotaildrop, the most... Read More


A small group of Belgian journalists have for the first time ever been allowed to document the lives of a vampire family living among humans. The film crew is invited into the home of the vampire Georges, his wife Bertha and their two children Samson and Grace. We are invited to witness the buying of new coffins, the socializing with other vampires and get exiting insights into both their family life and feeding habits. The daughter turns out to be something of a problem child,... Read More

Evil – In the Time of Heroes

Athens has been invaded by zombies! But this is not the first time this has happened. In the sequel to Greece’s first zombie film, Evil (which is not a viewing necessity to understand this one) we are taken, by flashbacks, to ancient times to witness how these maniacs were dealt with. The present is now battling the same problem as the portal of evil has been opened wide and a new insane blood bath is spreading throughout the city. A group of colourful individuals come together... Read More