About FFF

Fantastic film is usually used as a collective term for film genres like science fiction, fantasy and horror. But Lund International Fantastic Film Festival does not set narrow limits for what can be screened at the festival. In short fantastic cinema is about imagination. The aim of the festival is to help stretch the limits of the imagination, and to reinforce the intrinsic value of imagination in films.

Fantastic cinema is popular among the moviegoers. Of the top twenty box office hits of all time, all but one are fantastic films, for example the film series The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter. But Lund International Fantastic Film Festival also screens films by daring and critically acclaimed directors like Peter Greenaway, Guy MaddinMichael WinterbottomBelá Tarr och Takashi Miike.

Since the inception in 1995, close to 600 films from more than 30 countries have been screened at Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, both shorts and feature films. The majority of the films screened thereby also receive their Swedish premiere. At Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, modern classics like Face/Off, Donnie Darko, The Descent, A Tale of Two Sisters and Serenity received their Swedish theatrical premiere.

Sometimes the festival focuses on different directors (Shinya Tsukamoto, Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam), interesting countries (Australia, Japan,  Spain and many more) or specific themes (for example Midnight Madness, Fantastic documentarys). Special focus is always though on the European continent, which contributes with at least 75% of the films of the festival.

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. Together with EFFF, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival hosts one of our several international competitive sections, the Méliès Competition.

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