Deep Blue Sea in a pool


Deep underneath the surface in a secret underwater laboratory a group of scientists, led by Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgård, try to find a cure for Alzheimers. Why in an underwater laboratory? Where else would they keep their genetically modified sharks? To enhance their results they enlarge the sharks brains, not knowing they’ve also enhanced their intelligence, and their thirst for human flesh. When the sharks decide to escape and break their cages the underwater laboratory... Read More



Lindsey and Jeff Pittman are on their way home from a New Year’s party. Their marriage is frosty, the atmosphere is tense and the darkness lies like a damp blanket over the roads. Suddenly a man appears on the road in front of them and the disaster is a fact before they have barely blinked. They have run him over. Properly. And what follows is a staggering spiral into the darkest corners of the human mind and life as more clusters, truths and dark secrets come up into the... Read More

47 Meters Down


The oceans finest villain is back! And as usual, it’s looking for blood. Human blood! The shark does not stop fascinating and terrorizing us – perhaps more in our phobias and movies than in reality, but still, the horror is realer than real. After a tough break-up, Lisa (Mandy More) travels to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to lick her wounds and forget her sorrows. Once in the holiday paradise, they meet with two fancy and adventurous locals (Yani Gellman... Read More

ANIMATED: Roadside Assistance


It’s good not to be alone if something happens, like the woman in this animation that has an accident when she is out driving. It’s a serious situation but she gets unexpected help and the guarding angel struggles hard to save the situation. Text: Benny Lange  Read More

SCI-FI: The Boogeys


In a dystopian future humans live under the rule of the mysterious Benefactors. An ex cop, turned private detective, takes a job involving a missing child. While moving through the slums in his search, he meets an old colleague, who does not want to get involved in fear of a group called The Boogeys. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

SCI-FI: Icarus


A male astronaut on a mission at Mars is talking to his mother, also she an astronaut and on her way to a satellite that has some problem. The man later gets to know that something went wrong and he goes there, even though he is afraid of being out in space just in a space suit. Text: Benny Lange  Read More



When his DJ career doesn’t pan out as he would have thought, Phil has to find another way to make a living. Before he knows it he gets hired by a local telemarketing company. It doesn’t take long before he realises why it was to easy for him to get the job, the company seems to hire just about anyone! His colleagues consists of lunatics, junkies, killes and ex-criminals. In a line of business already notorious for its lack of morality, Phil does everything he can not to get... Read More



Corky, a magical corkscrew with a screw loose, discovers seven magical fireflies who are trapped inside a glass bottle. Corky desperately tries to find a way to free his newfound friends. Brute strength or ingenuity, how will Corky overcome this obstacle? Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

ANIMATED: Orient City: Ronin & the Princess


A ronin gets convinced to take up service as a bodyguard to a little girl. A job that in the beginning seems arduous but turns into a bond of friendship as time passes. This bond will force the samurai not only to protect the girl but to face old demons. Swords will be drawn, bullets will roar and blood will drop in this film where east meets west. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Roadside Assistance


A young stranded women is standing by a distant road. A man drives by and of course gives a lift to this sexy girl. She says, with flirtatious look in her eyes, that it will be worth it. While driving there appears to be a sound coming from the trunk. It’s the man’s golf clubs making noise, he claims. Soon, things take an unexpected turn.  Read More