ANIMATED: Ambassadors of the Cosmos


Animation based on a true story. Well.. Two stray dogs who has befriended each other get caught and taken to a strange plant. There they are both tested and taken care of and then sent up in rocket to orbit the Earth. They are however discovered by two aliens who steer their vessel there to invite them. Dogs are dogs and the rendezvous goes accordingly. Text: Benny Lange  Read More

MÉLIÈS: Recall


Beni spends his spare time with his family on the beach by a beautiful lake. He finds an old camera and starts to take pictures of all kinds of stuff. When he takes a photo of his sister she suddenly disappears into thin air. A search party looks for her in the water in case she has drowned. Soon Beni realizes that all living things he takes pictures of disappears. At the same time a police officer starts pondering a possible connection to a similar earlier case. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More

ANIMATED: Orient City: Ronin & the Princess


A ronin gets convinced to take up service as a bodyguard to a little girl. A job that in the beginning seems arduous but turns into a bond of friendship as time passes. This bond will force the samurai not only to protect the girl but to face old demons. Swords will be drawn, bullets will roar and blood will drop in this film where east meets west. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

Liza, the Fox Fairy


In this story we meet Liza, a nurse with a affinity for Japanese culture and pop music from the 60’s. After having spent most of her adult life with only a widow in need of care and the ghost of a Japanese pop star for company Liza gets a new goal in life. She wants to find a partner. A goal that seems difficult enough to attain under ordinary circumstances, but is nearly impossible when you seem to be cursed to cause all potential companions to die a horrible death. This begs... Read More

The Turin Horse

Béla Tarr’s latest film (partly written in Lund) is a cinematic experience beyond the ordinary. Its intense portrayal of two people’s gradual path to their last destination took the critics by storm at this year’s film festival in Berlin. It all begins with a brief story about how the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche one day witnessed a horse being abused on the streets of Turin, and threw himself around its neck to protect it. Bela Tarr open up for his perhaps most minimalistic film... Read More