47 Meters Down


The oceans finest villain is back! And as usual, it’s looking for blood. Human blood! The shark does not stop fascinating and terrorizing us – perhaps more in our phobias and movies than in reality, but still, the horror is realer than real. After a tough break-up, Lisa (Mandy More) travels to Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to lick her wounds and forget her sorrows. Once in the holiday paradise, they meet with two fancy and adventurous locals (Yani Gellman... Read More



About a man who has a pile of small dolls. He gets some of them to move, like they are alive, and they start to do some gymnastic excercises. He then throws them into a tub and isn’t nice and just looking any longer but the dolls have their ways of responding. Text: Benny Lange  Read More

DEAD OR ALIVE: A Father’s Day


The world as we know it has ended. The zombie apocalypse has come. As for a change we get to follow this movie from the zombies point of view in the form of a little zombie girl. She unexpectedly reunites with her father who also has become a zombie and he decides to make the day special for her, even if they’re already dead. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More



You know that feeling when you accidently stumble upon a film and then wondered why no one has never told you about it? Simeon Halligans Habit, is a thrilling film with an original story and solid craft work. He obviously know what he is doing down to the smallest details. The film revolves around Michael, who divides his time between the job center and the pub. By chance he meets Lee, a young woman who is not afraid to be he self. Lee introduces Michael to her Uncle Ian, and... Read More

DEAD OR ALIVE: Repossessed


Life after death can come with it’s share of complications, like hunting for a home. As undead you need to plan for an eventual eternity so a place to lay your soul is of the outmost necessity. Luckily there are brokers on the otherside as well, with the same scruples, which the protagonist experiences when she is offered a domain that might not be squeaky clean. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More



Even a routine check-up can bring a lot of excitement, which Anna gets to experience when she visits a clinic. While waiting to be called to the examination room, she seeks support of her friend next to her, who reassures her that there is nothing to worry about. However, as she gets called up, little will she know that danger looms over them all. A trip to the gynecologist will never be the same again. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

MÉLIÈS: Cautionary Tales


We have probably all been scared by our parents as children: Don’t swallow apple seeds – a tree will start growing in your stomach; don’t stay to long in the bath – your skin will be wrinkly forever. Aaron is the boy who pulled faces and didn’t listen to his mother. As a young man he now has a permanently disfigured face. There is something that has haunted him sine the bizarre incident. Each time he goes out people stare. Lonely and depressed he goes to... Read More

The Open


The beauty of LIFFF is that we get the chance to show you the truly unique films, the one’s you would not have seen at the movies otherwise. Marc Lahore’s The Open is undoubtedly one of those. How else would you describe a film about a tennis tournament set during the apocalypse without a ball, without a net and without the strings. André and Stephanie is lives for tennis, it’s their life and even though the world is burning around them they stick to their dream... Read More

Horror: Dolls


A girl is watching her younger brother. There is ballerina music coming from his room. Annoyed, she goes to his room to ask him to turn it down. Then she sees that he has a lot of dolls sitting around a table. “They only move when the music stops,” he says. The girl just shakes her head and asks him to turn it turn. Then the music stops.  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Neon


To fall in love is fantastic and for the most a wonderful experience but the man in this film is not happy at all. He talks in panic at phone with the women whom he has fallen in love with but she doesn’t really seem to understand the problem. But he has two bullies on his tail who already has punished another man who has fallen in love with death.  Read More