THE TRIPLE: Hard Way – The Action Musical


Action and violence are mixed with musical numbers in this crazy movie with a touch of humor. Jake works in a SWAT team in the police force of Detroit. He takes initiative, but is reckless. They fight a criminal gang called The Children, led by a woman called The Mother. During an operation to save a senator, Jake chooses to save the politician instead of his friend Zach. When Jack leaves the building Zach is left behind and we hear a gunshot. Eight months later there is a mission... Read More

SCI-FI: Near Kepler


On board a shuttle we follow Job. He hasn’t been home to Earth in a long time. His only company is the artificial intelligence Deborah. An accident happens along the way. Deborah insists that everything is under control, despite failing temperature controls and glitching screens. Soon Job suspects that Deborah is misleading him about the serious nature of the situation. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More



As tradition dictates two guys in southern Germany visits families and play Saint Nicholas and Krampus. Krampus is the one who, according to legend, punishes those children who have been bad. In this version the legend has a kernel of truth. However, exactly how things are is not revealed until the end. Text: Jimmy Seiersen  Read More

MÉLIÈS: When Demons Die


Joshua is 8 years old and have never left the little farmhouse where he and his father lives. He is not allowed to walk outside the house because there are some dangerous creatures called ìthe Gorgersî living around their home. But one day when his father Aaron disappears, Joshua is forced to go outside. A decision that forever will change his life. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

German Angst


This is just as the title aludes a dose of german fucking angst served over three movies in this anthology film that also brings us the return of the king of german punk horror. Yes! Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit is back! Along with Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski he gives us three hardcore movies that pulls no punches; this is 112 minutes of sex, violence, love and death. In the first movie, Final Girl we meet a woman and her guinea pigs in her apartment. Everything... Read More

The Congress

The Congress

Director of highly acclaimed Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman is back with a staggering creation. A colorful hallucinogenic trip into a surreal future where nothing is what it seems to be. Actress Robin Wright (played by Robin Wright) is starting to get old in the eyes of Hollywood and is offered one last contract. A studio wants to digitalize her by scanning her body as well as her soul and buy the right to use her in all kinds of films, forever. But what on earth does that really... Read More



Genetics and mankind’s growing ability to reshape life is a subject close to the heart of fiction in general and science fiction in particular. The further we probe, the more dangerous the doors we risk opening. Ebon Sheean, award-winning short film director, side-steps with his debute feature, and asks what research does to the researchers themselves. In some cases, physically. His film brags with three charistmatic main actors, Michael Eklund (Divided), Tómas Lemarquis... Read More

Carl Th. Dreyer’s VAMPYR

vampyr skeleton hand

An impressionist work of beauty, subdued eroticism and horror, or a spectacular debacle that led its audience to riot? Danish master Carl Theodor Dreyer is a prominent figure in European art house. Among his advocates we find Bergman and von Trier. Vampyr was long considered Dreyer’s weak link, as his contemporaries did not have the patience for quiet half-silent films. The year was 1932, shortly after Frankenstein and Dracula. Dreyer makes his images obscure, envelopes... Read More



The fact that room 205 has been uninhabited for over a year doesn’t much bother Katrin when she moves into the student dorm. She is finally free from home and her overprotective father. As the semester has just started, the most important things are to go to lectures and meet new people. Following her being somewhat careless with her medication, strange things start happening. Katrin finds out that the girl who previously lived in room 205 suddenly left and mysteriously... Read More

The Colour out of Shape

Jonathan Davies leaves his home in Arkham, Massachusetts hoping to find his father, lost to him somewhere in Europe since the end of the Second World War. His search takes him to an isolated valley in Germany, where his father, who had been stationed there as an army medic, last was seen. But the valley and the forests hide a dark secret from the past. Jonathan finds an old German man living in the area, who not only met his father, but was also there when there were still people... Read More