The Tower

The Tower

It’s Christmas Eve. The 108 story high luxurious Sky Tower is sparkling with joy and celebrations. Fireworks fill the sky and custom-made snow is peacefully falling down from helicopters circulating above. But what starts out as a cozy Christmas comedy quickly explodes into the epically action filled blockbuster that is The Tower. Single father Dae-ho is working as a manager at Sky Tower and he works a lot, even this evening while his daughter is waiting for him in the lobby.... Read More



The most intense battle scene in cinema history is said to be the first act of Saving Private Ryan. One who does not agree, is South Korean director Kang Je-kyu, who in 2004 rewrote the book with his acclaimed Brotherhood of War, stating “anything they can do, we can do better.” Now it is time again, with Je-kyu’s new film being so epic it is rumoured to be the most expensive non-American production of all time. During the Japansese annexation of Korea,... Read More



It is no secret that South Korea produces thrillers of global repute. They are often based on an odd angle, as in I Saw the Devil, or they deal with corruption, as in Memories of Murder. Often terribly beautiful, they are also terrifyingly violent. Howling shows off all these qualities, as well as two of the country’s greatest actors in Song Kang-ho and Lee Na-Yeong, in a uniquely mixed breed, giving of the scent of a future classic. A single parent cop (Kang-ho) in... Read More