Swedish shorts: Walkway


Late one night a man is on his way home from a party. He is walking on a desolate walkway and after a while runs into a man with an axe. Our main character is not entirely comfortable with this. Of course, it could just be a harmless man who happens to have an axe. However, it could also be a mad axe murderer. The axeman is stalling and not letting him pass. This only makes him even more worried. The question whether or not the man with the axe is actually dangerous will soon... Read More

Swedish shorts: Syntax Error


It´s been eight years since 30-year old Wennman had a good day and ever since then he went to a psychologist. But the psychologist seams to get tired of the situation. Wennman gets a suggestion to the problem.  Read More



A unique cinema screening of Rasmus Tirzitis Swedish occult detective movie. Several dead bodies have been found in Gothenburg striking fear into the city’s population. We follow Goran Lidman who will head the task of tracing the offender. Clues lead to suspicions of an occult group. The former reverend Gabriella, who has her own reasons for wanting to stop the killings, offers Lidman her help. As Lidman embarks on an involuntary collaboration he must reluctantly accept... Read More

An Evening with Christina Lindberg/Anita


Thursday night will be dedicated entirely to a tribute to one of the most legendary and interesting actresses in Swedish film, Christina Lindberg. During the sixties and seventies, Christina Lindberg was one of Sweden’s most famous people. She was a pin-up girl who also made a career as an actor and got to participate in some twenty films. Almost all of her films where completely panned, some were also considered so violent that they were banned outright, others fell by... Read More

Swedish shorts: Skin


A young women sees her physician and tells him about her problems. They seem to be of a psychosomatic character and their physical expressions are, to say the least, peculiar. A guilt heavy film with religious undertones.  Read More

It’s Alive


Drip Drop Regi: Jonna Nilsson Manus och producent: Fredrik Myrtell En kvinna kommer hem efter en joggingtur och upptäcker att det inte längre finns något vatten i kranarna. Istället hörs ett fasansfullt muller från vattenrören. Sedan börjar det droppa. Produceras av Way Creative Films i samproduktion med Film i Skåne/Hanna Sohlberg. Jonna Nilsson har varit deltagare i programmet Pure Fiction samt utvecklar långfilmen Andra sidan helvetettillsammans med Way Creative... Read More

Swedish shorts: The Tale About The Witch The Farmhand And The Soldier


During the age of the witch burnings, a woman is about to be executed for being intimate with the devil. When a soldier is transporting her, his horse gets frightened and runs off. The soldier is forced to continue on foot and takes the woman to a farmhouse. The master is gone, but there is a farmhand. The farmhand agrees to show the way. However, he refuses to believe that “the little girl” is a witch.  Read More

Legend of Dark Rider


In the cold North they tell the legend of the dark rider, who is half man, half monster. The old stories talk about brave and foolish men who went looking for the dark rider, never to return home. Director Titus Paar states that he wanted to bring something new, fresh and Black Metal dark to fantasy. A feature length film is in production, but take the chance now to see this atmospheric and bloody short film.  Read More

Swedish shorts: Epilogue


The film takes place during or after a war or disaster. We are in a house where the radio talks about something. It is a complete waste land, there is not the smallest trace of life anywhere, not in the house, not outside. We follows a mannequin that goes through the house, room after room, and remembers and empathize everything that took place when people still were there.  Read More

Swedish short: First Like


The greed for likes is bigger than ever and can be a boost for self-esteem for youngsters. But do you want to be the first person to like someone’s picture and what happens if you do? A young girl comes home after a night out and is the first person to like a picture on Instagram. She clicks on like and takes a selfie which she puts on Instagram. When she choose the filter she sees something strange in the background of her selfie. Something has been passed on when she clicked... Read More