A Field in England


At the most, each year brings but a handful of films which really go off of the beaten track, and are bold on the verge of recklessness. With Kill List and Sightseers, Ben Wheatley has begun to carve out his name in the European genre scene. With his latest feature, he’s dug a whole new kind of grave. A Field in England will most likely be among the most fantastic films to hit Swedish silver screens this year. To describe the plot won’t do the film justice. It’s more... Read More

OXV: The Manual


In a world not quite now, not quite ours, a scientific discovery has changed the structure of society and the relations between its people. Luck is defined from birth and is measured after how in sync you are with the world, your “frequency”. The higher someone’s frequency is, the lower their empathy, and vice versa. When two individuals with opposing frequencies meet, disaster occurs, for themselves but also for those around them. Darren Paul Fischer’s film is... Read More

May I Kill U?

may i kill u

In the city of London, where the economy is in crisis, the social injustice is heavy and violence in the streets is out of hand, bicycle police Baz (Kevin Bishop) lives a quite ordinary but perhaps a bit uninteresting life. Up until the day when he suffers a concussion that rattles his very own views on life and turns him from a reliable bureaucrat to what’s best described as a contemporary unsanctioned Judge Dredd – a patrolling judge and executioner, all in one person. Before... Read More

Hammer of the Gods


It’s surprising that our Scandinavian plundering pragmatists haven’t received a lot of love in cinema. Vikings have the culture, the fashion and the blood thirst that suits sword swinging genre film. Yet, except for a dour History Channel series, they have remained sadly unexploited. Farren Blackburn’s feature debut is set to tackle that oversight with a nihilistic nordic Heart of Darkness set in the shadows of the scenic, brooding Scottish mountains. During an invasion... Read More


Everybody in the little Welsh village knows who Elfie Hopkins is. She’s that annoying bluehaired kid who runs around playing detective. She and her best friend Dylan cause nothing but trouble and lazying around, smoking weed. Then the Gammons’ move in next door. They’re not like everyone else. They’re better. They’re well-dressed, they do yoga and unlike everyone in the village, they don’t judge Elfie for being different. But Elfie knows that... Read More

Stake Land

Vampire hunter Mister and his apprentice Martin are travelling north through a shattered U.S.A. infested with vampires, hoping to find a haven in a place called New Eden in Canada. They keep to the country roads, as the cities are too dangerous to enter. During their journey, they are confronted not only with vampires, but also with groups of survivors, such as the radical Brotherhood. Stake Land is something of a reinvention of the vampire film genre. Here, vampires are not like... Read More

The Glass man

Martin, a quiet middleclass man, gets laid off from his job in the financial sector. The shame prevents him from telling his wife and he continues to go through his everyday schedule, and as a result he becomes heavily indebted. Reality breaks through when one night Pecco, a no-nonsense debt collector, makes a call to his door. Martin has only one way to save himself: he has to join Pecco on an important job, without knowing what kind of a job it is. Director Cristian Solimeno... Read More

Red, White & Blue

‘Sex. Heart ache. Revenge.’ Simon Rumley’s stunning drama is all that and more with its blood soaked rendition of human anxiety. It is violent, brutal and uneasy and just as shitty as life can be sometimes but that cannot be translated into the language of film.  We follow Erica, an emotionally stunted young woman with a fear of intimacy and who often changes sex partners. The story takes place in Austin, Texas, where Erica is staying for a while. She gets a job at a warehouse... Read More