A woman is preparing the funeral for her husband which hasn’t died yet. But she does it with great care so everyhting shall be perfect. It is important that everything goes according to plan since it is important to give a good impression to all the guests. But as you might expect things never really goes according to plan. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

HORROR: Behind


Arianne is a divorced mother who is obsessed witht the idea that her ex-husband might take her child. At a party a mysterious woman tells her that a strange figure is following her around, a terrifying looking man. Back home something from her worst nightmares will come alive. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

HORROR: A Sweet Man


An elderly man sits on a bench in a park reading his magazine when a small girl comes forth with some candy-floss and asks if he want to have a taste, the man just gets ups and walks away. Later that night the man are going to take out the trash but stumbles upon the giantsize hamster that sold candy-floss in the park. This makes him very uncomfortable and he tries to hurry up and almost run away when he trips and falls. He later wakes up at what he thinks is a hopsital… Text:... Read More

HORROR: Room Service


A couple just arrives to their hotel room and are planning on going to bed straight away, but the man has to run to the bathroom first. While he’s away they get a call on the telephone with a desperate voice telling them not to open the door for room service… Seconds later someone knocks on the door calling the words: “room service!”   Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

ANIMATED: The Strange Case of Dr. Toñito


It is karneval in Cadiz, the most important festival and Toñito wishes he could sing like the great idol Pepe Pito. After deliberate research he brews a potion that transforms his voice to that of an idol. Life as a star is everthing Toñito could have dreamed it to be, but little does he know that his transformation has just started. Text: Gustav Angel  Read More

HORROR: 9 Steps


The night can be dark and full of horror for small children, especially for Saul who has to cross a long dark corridor to get to the toilet at night. But his father is trying his best to persuade him to cross. Because it is not dangerous and he will stand on one side of the corridor watching the whole time, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Text: Robin Jakobsson  Read More

Short: To The Other Side


A PhD student in literature has heard about a mirror that is an entrance to the world where all animals from fairytales live, he has spent years searching and now he might have found it.  Read More

Short: White Darkness


An amazing zombie film with biblical distinctive marks: a man has by mistake been made into a zombie by his friends abd walk around in a white suite and for one who knows his/her bible there will be an “ahh experience” at ever new situation he gets into.  Read More

Short: Sssh!


To not to be able to die perhaps sounds nice but it can have disadvantages. Olivia cannot die and it makes her a sought after pray for “The Corporation” that wants to make use of this her talent but she escapes and a game of cat and mouse starts.  Read More

Short: Horizon


Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.  Read More